Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1936 - The owner of the Independent State’s vinegar factory

Chapter 1936 The owner of the Independent State’s vinegar factory

Currently, the buttons of his Ninth Brother’s dress shirt were all loosened, his hair was tousled, and he was hugging Ye Wanwan just a second ago…

When Lin Que realized what he had interrupted, he felt like his death was hanging over him.

“Ahem, Ninth Brother, I originally didn’t want to disturb you, but… the commotion outside is somewhat big…” Lin Que explained while shuddering.

No wonder Ninth Brother was so silent despite the giant disturbance outside! It turned out this girl was here! Ninth Brother probably wouldn’t care even if the sky fell outside.

“I wanted to stay with you longer!” Ye Wanwan lamented with a pout before accepting her fate and reluctantly standing up. “I’ll leave now!”

Si Yehan’s gaze darkened slightly. “Be careful.”

He couldn’t keep her away from the Independent State at this point, so he would just have to take it one step at a time now.

“Yes yes, I know!”

Si Yehan was probably worried someone would harm her, so he wanted her to leave the Independent State and remain in China, but if someone really wanted to do anything to her, it didn’t matter where she was. The several attempted assassinations in China proved that.

In the Independent State, at least she was the President of the Fearless Alliance, so her assassinators had to be more cautious.

In the Independent State, she still had many things to do and there were people she had to protect.

Regardless of the reason she begged to forget those memories initially, it was time to face them after evading them for so long.

She couldn’t allow Si Yehan to endure everything on his own.

“That’s right, baby, give me your phone number in the Independent State! Tsk, I gave you my number last time, but you didn’t even call me once!” Ye Wanwan complained.

Si Yehan looked at her calmly. “Did you know who I was at that time?”

Alarms instantly blared in Ye Wanwan’s mind. This was a fatal question!

If she said she wasn’t certain he was Si Yehan back then, wasn’t that the same as hitting on another man?

Ye Wanwan had no doubt this man would get jealous of his own self!

She decisively answered, “Of course I knew! I told you I was instantly certain it was you, alright?”

Si Yehan’s gaze turned gentle, and he didn’t expose her. He listed off a string of numbers before saying, “This is my private number.”

Ye Wanwan didn’t bring her phone in her haste, so she memorized it. “OK.”

“Be careful about how you enter in my name. We can’t allow anyone to discover our relationship,” Si Yehan instructed her worriedly.

“I understand. Don’t worry! I’ll give you a nickname that absolutely no one can guess!” Ye Wanwan guaranteed.

She already thought of a nickname already! She was going to set his number as “The owner of the Independent State’s vinegar factory”!

It was perfect!

“Excuse me, have you two… finished chatting?” Lin Que urged miserably.

“Alright, alright! What’s the hurry?!” Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes grumpily before walking out.

Swish swish swish—

By Asura’s main entrance, Seven Star and Jiang Yan were currently locked in battle with no clear winner, and the fight was turning more and more heated.

“D*mn, Old Seven! Stop fighting! How much longer will you fight?! Everyone, charge inside!”

Seven Star’s expression couldn’t be any darker. The impact of Asura officially entering a war with the Fearless Alliance was too immense. How many people outside were waiting for them to start fighting? The best option would be to resolve this peacefully, but the longer they delayed it, the more danger Sis Feng would be in…

“That’s right! Who the f*ck’s scared of him! Charge inside!”

“D*mn! Hall Master Liu, don’t hide behind me if you’re so strong! Stand in front of me and say that again!”

“Sh*t, fine, I will! I’ll go all out for the President!”

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