Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1940 - It wasn’t a meeting but a date

Chapter 1940: It wasn't a meeting but a date

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A glass of red wine, scarlet as blood, gently swayed; moonlight rays painted it a mysterious tint.

The man holding the glass of wine had a scar running across the corner of his eye, but it didn't make him ugly. Instead, when paired with his inscrutable smile, it added a bewitching quality to his looks.

"President, three trucks of supplies and that old woman were all abducted. Also, we can't get into contact with Elder Jin at all…" the Vice President of the Martial Arts Union softly reported to the man sitting on the sofa.


A big, black cat nimbly leaped onto the sofa and burrowed into the man's arms.

The man placed his wine glass aside, an indescribable smile hanging on his face. "So are you certain it was the Fearless Alliance?"

"Based on my investigation, most likely," the Vice President replied.

"Oh…? Most likely?" The man chuckled airily.

"I'm certain. The culprit was really the Fearless Alliance, but I was unable to find any solid evidence. However, this was the Fearless Alliance's modus operandi and I've investigated the other suspicious factions. All suspicion could be eliminated, except regarding the Fearless Alliance," the Vice President answered truthfully.


The corners of the man's lips turned up. "I can understand robbing trucks of supplies, but abducting Elder Jin… Now, that's interesting."

"President, I found out that woman went to Scarlet Flames Academy. You know that the headmaster of Scarlet Flames Academy is extremely proficient in hypnosis…? Moreover, that woman hired many high-ranking mercenaries to perform missions for her."

"Are you saying… she's recovered her memory?" the man asked.

"It's uncertain. I just think it's very possible," the Vice President responded after a moment of thought.

"I hope her memory will recover faster. Otherwise, what would the point be?" The man picked up the wine glass again and took a small sip.

"Also… President, Nie Linglong's ambitions are getting too big. Are we really cooperating with her—no, the power behind her?" The Vice President had a light frown on his face.

"You mean the Direct Line?" The man was contemplative.

"President, you should know what the Direct Line wants to do. They absolutely won't hold back on the Independent State."

"Heh, we're just using each other." The man smirked. "A good show is about to begin, no?"

The next day at Asura's headquarters:

Lin Que sought Si Yehan out early in the morning. He wore a hectic expression as he reported, "Ninth Brother, I just got news that Slaughter's Gate and Heavenly Hatred contacted all the major underground organizations of the Independent State and summoned a meeting…"

Si Yehan set down the document in his hands. "Summoned a meeting?"

"That's right. I have no idea what the heck those two bosses are doing. Why are they summoning a meeting out of nowhere like this…? I heard that they invited the periphery organizations, the underground organizations—basically any organization with a presence in the Independent State. Should we go?" Lin Que inquired.

"Yes." Si Yehan didn't express any hesitation.

Asura currently had a cooperative relationship with Slaughter's Gate and Heavenly Hatred, so they naturally had to extend them some courtesy by attending this kind of meeting.

"One more thing. I heard that they actually specifically invited the Fearless Alliance this time! What are they thinking?" Lin Que was a bit confused since the Fearless Alliance had always been a lone wolf and didn't show courtesy to anyone, regardless of whether they were "good" or "evil."

"Was it related to the events last night?" Lin Que murmured.

Si Yehan didn't seem surprised to learn the Fearless Alliance was invited. He calmly answered, "We'll find out when we go."

Li covertly peeked at a certain person. "Okay…"

Why did he suddenly feel like Ninth Brother agreed to go not to attend a meeting but to go on a date???

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