Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1933 - What“s your relationship with Ji Xiuran?

Chapter 1933 What“s your relationship with Ji Xiuran?

Ye Wanwan figured that she probably successfully got away with it since Si Yehan didn’t keep pressing.

However, as soon as she relaxed, she heard Si Yehan ask: “What’s your relationship with… Ji Xiuran?”

Ye Wanwan stiffened instantly and entered first-class defense mode.

Did he discover something?

Wait…Sh*t! Are you for real?!

It’s clearly me who should be the one launching accusations, right?

So why did the situation turn 180 degrees and turn into me becoming the one being grilled?

What was more sinful was that this question truly stirred some guilt in her…

The abnormality that flickered through Ye Wanwan’s eyes naturally didn’t escape Si Yehan’s attention. His hands around her fingers subconsciously clenched.

In reality, he knew all along that she… she had someone she liked…

That person held an irreplaceable position in her heart.

And he… he was merely a fling that she had in her boredom to pass the time.

He knew all of this clearly. But when someone finally saw the light after dwelling in the dark his whole life, he would be unwilling to release it.

He always knew she had a person like that in her heart. He just didn’t know who it was nor did he want to find out…

Until Ji Xiuran suddenly appeared by her side and an unease that Si Yehan had never felt before subconsciously grabbed him and caused him to lose control of his emotions again and again.

Ye Wanwan’s hand started hurting from his grasp. Detecting Si Yehan’s rippling emotions, Ye Wanwan furrowed her brows and wanted to say something, but ear-shattering sirens started piercing the air outside the window.

This type of alarm only rang when Asura was suffering an extremely serious attack.

“What sound is that?” Ye Wanwan jolted in fright by this noise.

The darkness on Si Yehan’s face only appeared for a flash, and his expression returned to normal like it never changed. He responded, “Asura is under attack.”

Ye Wanwan was astonished. “Huh? Who’s gutsy enough to dare to invade Asura’s headquarters?”

The man glanced at her. “Who do you think?”

Ye Wanwan blinked… and blinked again. “Eh… It can’t be… my Fearless Alliance, right?”

As soon as Ye Wanwan said that, a familiar voice shouted outside arrogantly.

“Every person inside f*cking listen! You’ve been surrounded! Nicely hand over our boss or don’t blame the Fearless Alliance for bulldozing your Asura!!!”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

What’s going on?

Ye Wanwan sprinted to the window to examine the situation outside.

A look revealed the matter to be more serious than she expected. The Fearless Alliance came out in nearly full force and all the experts were present, painting a sea of black in the night. Asura’s side was also fully armed.

The two sides stood facing each other in a standoff, and the atmosphere could be ignited with a touch.

Ye Wanwan felt her head pounding when she saw this.

Sh*t! Since Asura’s defense was stricter than last time, she wasted too much time breaking in, so the sky had turned dark already.

Big Dipper and Seven Star probably thought she fell into Asura’s hands after seeing her gone for so long, so they declared war on Asura in their urgency…

What Ye Wanwan didn’t know was that the commotion was worse than she thought.

Asura’s siren had alarmed the entire Independent State already, and many factions and powerful figures had sent their informants to scout for information.

The end result frightened them. The Fearless Alliance had started a war with Asura!

The leaders of several factions gathered together to discuss this, quaking with fear.

“Really? The Fearless Alliance and Asura started fighting?”

“It’s absolutely true! The Fearless Alliance’s whole nest came out and launched an attack on Asura’s headquarters! They’ll probably rip each other’s heads off this time!”

“Tsk tsk, the Fearless Alliance… they are rather ballsy…”

“Right? When Asura was attacked back then, the Fearless Alliance charged at the forefront, so the feud between the two factions was established long ago!”

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