Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1934 - We’re villains colluding together

Chapter 1934: We’re villains colluding together

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When Ye Wanwan saw Si Yehan standing up as though he wanted to go out, she quickly drew the curtains and dashed over. “Ah, sit down. Sit back and rest. It’s fine outside. They won’t start fighting this fast, so don’t worry!”

The flames of war raged and gunpowder pervaded the air outside, but inside the house, a certain president was eagerly helping someone back to the sofa and attentively worrying about his health.

“There’s probably someone stirring the pot,” Si Yehan said.

You mean…” Ye Wanwan pondered it and realized the merit in his words. The Fearless Alliance probably got some erroneous information this time and thought something happened to her. Otherwise, they wouldn’t rashly turn out in full force like this.

“It appears someone wants to drive a wedge between us and reap the spoils!” Ye Wanwan rubbed her chin and revealed a gloating expression as she grinned and said, “Unfortunately, they don’t know we’re actually villains colluding together!”

Si Yehan:”…”

Villains colluding together…

He didn’t want to comment on his wife’s usage of idioms.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted as she rushed to talk business. “Oh right, hehe, there’s one more really important matter.

Um, I already explained to you just now that I have a special use for that ring and absolutely don’t intend to do anything else with it.

“You know how I’m going to school at Scarlet Flames Academy right now, right? There’s an S-rank mission on the mission board that is asking for Emperor Ji’s personal ring and it’s super valuable! It’s worth 15,000 honor points!”

As Ye Wanwan said that, her eyes sparkled and she revealed a money-grubber look.

Upon seeing her excited and sparkling gaze when she talked about that ring, Si Yehan’s gaze sank. He recalled the cufflinks that Ye Wanwan bid on for one dollar. “Is that so? That ring is worth a lot?”

Ye Wanwan didn’t dare to provoke him with the mention of Emperor Ji’s ring anymore and hastily added, “You’re worth a lot too! You’re really worth a lot! A single strand of hair from you is worth 15,000 honor points! To tell you the truth, your hair is also part of an S-rank mission, which I accepted as well, so… say…”

Ye Wanwan leaned close and looked at him expectantly.

The man glanced at her. He was silent for a moment before exasperation flitted through his eyes. “Pluck it yourself.”

Ye Wanwan nearly jumped up in her excitement. “Ah! Really? Really?! You’ll let me pluck it? However I want?!”

Happiness came too suddenly!

Ye Wanwan stared at his head of silver hair like an evil dragon who saw a cave of treasures. Honor points! They were all honor points!

“It would be great if this mission could be accepted limitlessly…” Ye Wanwan regrettably murmured.


Accepted limitlessly? Does she want to make me bald?

As Ye Wanwan said that, she ardently pounced onto the man and happily started picking through his hair. “Which strand should I take? This strand? This strand? Or that strand…?”

Si Yehan’s spine stiffened as he felt her seemingly boneless hand rifling through his hair and lightly touching his scalp and his neck. When the girl didn’t pick one after searching for half a day, he had no choice but to pluck one himself and helped her sit up before handing the plucked strand of hair to her. “Alright.”

“Eh? Why did you do it yourself? Anyway, this strand is a bit short and too fine! I want a longer, better-looking strand! The kind that’s neither thick or fine!”

“I’ll throw it away if you don’t want it.”

Si Yehan gestured like he would drop it.

“I want I want I want! I want it! Don’t drop it!” Ye Wanwan quickly snatched the strand of hair like it was a piece of precious treasure. Then she thought of something and her eyes shifted before she fawningly asked, “Can I have one more strand?”

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