Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1932 - How could I not recognize my own man?

Chapter 1932: How could I not recognize my own man?

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Si Yehan was unable to describe his current emotions. He felt like he was reborn after a great catastrophe.

An unknown amount of time passed before he finally recovered his ability to produce speech. He pressed down on the hands that kept massaging him as he hoarsely asked, “How… did you find out?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at his hands over the back of her hands and raised her eyebrows. “Eh? You wouldn’t even let me touch you earlier, but now, you’re touching my hand of your own volition?”

Si Yehan’s fingers paused but didn’t move away. His hand slowly curled around her fingers, grasping her hand. “Don’t change the topic.”


Fine, to no one’s surprise, a certain someone’s intelligence only goes offline temporarily.

How should she tell him how she discovered it?

She was certain he was lying because she learned that she had a second identity as Worriless Nie, and Si Yehan’s story obviously didn’t match up with that fact.

That nonsense about how they couldn’t be together because she wasn’t a citizen of the Independent State or else they would be hunted down by the ancient Si clan… that was utterly impossible.

Regardless of which identity she was using’ it didn’t change the fact that she was a resident of the Independent St There could only be one reason Si Yehan said that—to make her leave the Independent State.

That was why he was so furious when he learned she returned to the Independent State.

Si Yehan watched her bite her lips and struggle for something to say for half a day, and he gently kneaded her fingers. “Have you thought of an excuse yet?”

“I haven’t—ahem, blah! What I mean is I haven’t figured out how to tell you yet!”

No matter what, she absolutely couldn’t tell Si Yehan she was Worriless Nie or else she would be screwed!

Who in the Independent State didn’t know Worriless Nie had an engagement with Ji Xiuran? Who didn’t know Worriless Nie had an illegitimate son?

She merely bid for a ring belonging to Ji Xiuran, and Si Yehan nearly drowned her with a sea of vinegar. If he learned she had a son…

However, speaking of her precious son, she was growing more certain about the identity of Tangtang’s biological father. She just needed some final proof…

Ye Wanwan pursed her lips and said, “Where did you get the nerve to ask? Do you think your acting skills are flawless? Have you forgotten about my job in China? Showing off your acting skills in front of me is like… teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs!

“Since the first time you appeared in front of me as Lord Asura, I saw through your identity with a single look! I merely wanted to force you to admit it yourself!”

There was nothing wrong with Ye Wanwan’s explanation, but Si Yehan knew that she was hiding something from him still.

“Ah, enough about that. This actually feels pretty nice. It’s like I have two boyfriends!”

Si Yehan didn’t continue pursuing the matter, sensing that Ye Wanwan didn’t want to tell him. He silently glanced at her and asked, “You want to have two boyfriends a lot?”

Ye Wanwan sharply detected danger and her survival instincts went online in a flash. “No way! Don’t sneakily change my meaning, alright? What I’m saying is how could I not recognize my own man? I’d recognize you no matter what appearance you took on!”

Hah, two of him? Pacifying one of him requires me to use every trick and skill I have in my hat already…

As Ye Wanwan continued with her placating, she covertly glanced at him. His expression finally stopped looking so frightening.

She finally managed to nurture him back to good health with Herculean efforts, so how did he turn around and get himself into this state again?

Ye Wanwan was furious but thinking more on it… I’m the one who angered him to this extent?

It isn’t my fault though!

It was clearly nothing, but he just had to have the capability of producing vinegar on his own and in such terrifying quantities.

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