Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1931 - Ding! Pacifying Wan is online!

Chapter 1931: Ding! Pacifying Wan is online!

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By the time Ye Wanwan regained her wits, she was back at the door again. She dumbfoundedly stared at the door in front of her and her legs. “D*mn! Legs, what are you doing?! Why did you come back here yourself?! Can’t you have a little more pride?!”

“Seriously! You’re killing me…”

/Bang!/ The door was slammed open, and the man’s eyes shot up, stunned. Ye Wanwan angrily and murderously stomped back inside. “D*mn it, what kind of spell did you cast on me?!”

Then she aggressively reached out and placed her hands on the man’s temples and started massaging them.

The girl wore a fiendish expression on her face and her voice had an extremely brutish tone, but her hands massaging him were peculiarly gentle.

Desolation and defeat still lingered on the man’s face as he dazedly stared at the girl who left and came back. The warmth and gentleness on his forehead slowly, slowly absorbed the pain and chill drowning him.

“Do you feel better?” Ye Wanwan hostilely asked with a mean expression on her face as she kept rubbing his temples.

“Does it still hurt?”

The man lightly panted and didn’t say anything but he also didn’t push the girl away at all, allowing her to touch him however she wanted.

Ye Wanwan peered down at him and saw that his shirt was buttoned to his collar, the first button tightly fastened and a tie knotted around his neck. Her brows furrowed deeply.

Just looking at this made her unable to breathe.

Ye Wanwan directly reached out and pulled off his tie before loosening the button on his collar.

The man’s gaze drifted down to her hand, but he allowed her actions without any movements to stop her.

Ye Wanwan unbuttoned all the buttons of his white dress shirt and asked, “Does this feel better?”

When Ye Wanwan met the man’s gaze, she hastily explained, “Let me clarify, okay? I’m just performing first aid to help you breathe more easily! I’m not trying to do anything else. I wouldn’t take advantage of someone in their weakened state like this…”

As Ye Wanwan said that, her gaze landed on the man’s half-exposed chest.

She originally really didn’t plan to take advantage of his vulnerable state, but now… well, her thoughts were turning a bit dangerous…

Calm down, calm down!

She intended to force him to admit it himself initially, but it turned out to be her who relented first in the end…

Ye Wanwan was forced to compromise and said, “I don’t believe you have no clue I have a special use for that ring with your intelligence! Even if your brain went offline, then use your face and your beauty to think about it!”

Lord Asura:

Looking at the man’s face, Ye Wanwan’s tone softened some. “Also, why did I beg you so easily when you asked? It’s because you’re my man ah, so what if I beg you a little? I wouldn’t lose anything by begging you!”

You’re my man…

When the girl said that, the man’s eyes abruptly contracted a few degrees…

Ye Wanwan saw his face improving, so she continued to put in more effort. “As for you making me trade the Fearless Alliance for the ring—please, don’t you have any idea why I agreed to it? With our relationship, isn’t what’s mine yours? The Fearless Alliance was yours to begin with, so what’s there to trade? Am I right?”

She still found out…

Immense helplessness rushed up from the bottom of Si Yehan’s eyes. He should be anxious and unsettled, but a shameful gladness flooded into his heart as he listened to her soft voice by his ears and watched the worry and concern on her face.

It was like a hand dragged him from the boundless and forsaken darkness back into the vivacious world…

Ye Wanwan kept massaging his forehead. “Hehe, have you finally stopped being angry? Ah, seriously, it’s too much! How are you so good-looking even when you’re angry?!”

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