Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1930 - Want to fight over a man with me

Chapter 1930 Want to fight over a man with me

“Then excuse me for this offense!”

A “Swish” pierced the air and Ye Wanwan leaped toward the ring on the desk as fast as lightning.

The second before she touched the ring, the man swung his arm and blocked her attack, keeping her from the ring.

Ye Wanwan furiously glared at him and attacked immediately. Within moments, the duo had exchanged dozens of blows.

The man’s attacks weren’t ferocious at all. They could even be considered nonchalant, but they securely blocked her attacks so much so that she couldn’t even touch the ring for a millisecond.

“My esteemed Lord Asura, if I may ask, why the hell are you forcefully withholding another man’s closely worn ring and unwilling to give it up?” Ye Wanwan shouted, affronted.

Was it that difficult for him to admit he was Si Yehan and he was jealous?

“And why are you doing this?” the man retorted instead, staring at her.

Ye Wanwan laughed, inflamed. “What do you think? My esteemed Lord Asura is so smart, so you should know my intentions. When a woman wants to obtain a man’s personal item using all the methods she can… something like a ring even—”

The man didn’t seem to want to continue listening and directly interrupted her: “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, President Bai.”

Ye Wanwan languidly smiled. “It appears your esteemed self is hellbent on fighting over a man with me, Lord Asura?” Fighting over a man with her…

Across from her, Lord Asura’s breathing evidently halted. Anyone less sturdy and they would’ve probably passed out from rage because of Ye Wanwan by now.

Ye Wanwan continued, “Apologies, but I said this ring is mine, so it’ll definitely be mine!”

Something fiercely sank in the man’s eyes, falling until it was sucked into a bottomless abyss without a ray of light.

Ye Wanwan took advantage of the man’s inattention and struck. A second later, the man seemed to have lost his hold on the box, and it slid down from his palm.

Ye Wanwan naturally wouldn’t bypass this opportunity and caught the ring box. However, before happiness could fill her body, she saw the man’s face losing all traces of color. His slender fingers hardly pressed against his forehead, as though he was enduring some immense agony…

Ye Wanwan immediately forgot about the ring and hastily shot forward to catch the shakily standing man. “Hey, you.”

Lord Asura’s back stiffened, and he shoved her away before staggeringly falling back on the chair behind him. His entire body emanated iciness as he uttered, “Get… Out…”

D*mn! He’s kicking me out again!

Ye Wanwan suppressed her rage and anxiously pressed, “Where do you feel ill?”

“None of your business.” The man’s voice didn’t bear a sliver of warmth.

You… fine, I’ll leave!” Ye Wanwan was beside herself in rage and promptly turned around to leave.

As Lord Asura watched the girl’s furious silhouette, he defeatedly sat on the sofa without a trace of life around him, as though he was an island abandoned by the entire world.

Ye Wanwan shoved open the door with a loud bang and marched outside. “Fine! I’ll leave! Fine! What’s the big deal with you? I’ve freaking had enough of that d*mn prideful personality! I’ve had enough…”

One step, two steps, three steps, four steps…

She couldn’t even make it to the fifth step. When she took her fifth step, her legs had a mind of their own and suddenly turned around to walk back to his room.

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