Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1929 - Are you trying to murder your wife?

Chapter 1929: Are you trying to murder your wife?

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Lin Que wanted to offer a few words of advice but unfortunately couldn’t withstand a certain person’s low-pressure aura, so he quickly fled outside to hide.

As soon as Lin Que left, a black shadow quietly approached the building.

Currently, Ye Wanwan’s face was covered in dirt, and dust and leaves were all over her. She cut a rather sorry figure. “Blah… Blah… D*mn it…” Ye Wanwan spat out the grass and leaves from her mouth.

Asura’s security was truly too strict. Even if she navigated the route clearly last time she was there, it was still very difficult for her to sneak inside single-handedly.

Hence, she had no choice but to employ some special methods…

Since when did she fall into such a degenerate state?

In order to see her man, she couldn’t enter through the main entrance and had to crawl through a dog hole!

Ye Wanwan’s flame blazed inside of her furiously as she used a pocket knife to crack open the window.


Behind the desk, the man’s eyes sharpened upon hearing the noise, and a gold fountain pen flew out from his hand, shooting toward the person at the window.

Since his emotions were too chaotic, he actually didn’t detect anyone sneaking inside.


Are you trying to murder your wife?!

Ye Wanwan quickly dodged while reaching out to catch the fountain pen.


This fountain pen is flashily gold! It must be worth a lot!

Ye Wanwan wiped the pen before stuffing it into her pocket.

When the man saw the newcomer clearly, apparent shock popped up on his face. But his expression instantly darkened again when he realized her objective for coming.

“What kind of place do you think Asura is, President Bai?”

“My home, of course!” Ye Wanwan blurted out.

Lord Asura:”…”

Ye Wanwan had zero patience by this point, so she slapped the dust off herself and directly asked, “I’ll be frank and won’t waste my words. Tell me. Just what will make you willing to give the ring to me?”

As he expected…

The last trace of hope in his eyes dissipated into boundless chilliness. “Beg me.”

His gaze was so frosty that it froze all of the blood inside her.

“I’m begging you!”

Lord Asura:”…”

Ye Wanwan didn’t care about something like begging him at all.

If he was willing to give the ring to her if she said a few words, she’d be the one winning in the end, alright?

Moreover, begging her man a little was no biggie.

“Please, I’m begging you! It’s not like you have any use holding onto it anyway, right?” Ye Wanwan added.

The man clearly didn’t expect this outcome, and his face darkened completely. At the end of his patience, he rubbed his forehead. “Get out.”

“I won’t! Unless you give it to me, I won’t leave!”

“What if… I make you trade the Fearless Alliance for it?”

Ye Wanwan:”…”

Haha. A mere ring and he wanted her to use the entire Fearless Alliance to trade for it?

“Alright! Sure! I can! Not a problem!” Ye Wanwan nodded briskly.

Ye Wanwan thought: Everything that’s yours is mine and everything that’s mine is also yours anyway!

Lord Asura:”…”

The man in front of Ye Wanwan was akin to the eye of a tornado, causing her to involuntarily shiver.

After taking a deep breath, he used his last strand of self-control to utter, “Get out—now. Before I change my mind.” D*mn! He’s kicking me out again!

She intentionally didn’t explain why she wanted that ring because she wanted to force him to admit his identity. Who knew he would still conceal himself so solidly at this point?

Is there a point in performing the Emperor’s New Clothes?

It’s the same as being completely naked in my eyes, alright?

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