Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1928 - Personally go there to strip him

Chapter 1928: Personally go there to strip him

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“What did you say?” Ye Wanwan jumped up from her seat at once.

No wonder that punk, Big Dipper, didn’t dare to come here to report to her himself!

Their Fearless Alliance’s belongings actually got stolen by someone! The head of bandits got robbed! If news of this got out, they’d become the laughingstock of the entire Independent State.

She was almost 100% certain Lord Asura was Si Yehan, so she was confident in the mission this time. The worst outcome she imagined would be Big Dipper being unable to pass and sent home. Never would she have expected Lord Asura to confiscate her item!

“Damn it…”

This item escorting mission had been issued for a long time, but no one dared to accept it this whole time because it was too difficult. Additionally, the rules stated that the person who lost the token would get 15,000 honor points deducted!

Didn’t that mean she would return to the dark times?!

Ye Wanwan clutched her chest, which was aching from her fury…

So infuriating! Where did that b*stard get the nerve to deceive her, saying they were married already?!

Was this something a real husband would do?!

Even if… even if she lied to him first and didn’t remain in China, there was no need for him to abuse her like this, right?! “I’ll go there personally.” Ye Wanwan shot up again.

“No! You absolutely can’t! It’s too dangerous!” Seven Star hastily blocked Ye Wanwan’s path.

“Move over.”

Ye Wanwan originally planned to continue playing with a certain someone, but he kept hindering her again and again and messing up her plans in his ignorance. She had lost every strand of her patience.

She had to personally go there and strip a certain person!

“Sis Feng! Sis Feng…”

It wasn’t until Ye Wanwan left that Big Dipper cautiously peeked his head out. “It’s over, it’s over. Old Seven, what should we do…”

“Didn’t I tell you to protect the token well no matter what?” Seven Star admonished him unhappily.

“Of course I know that! I absolutely wouldn’t allow someone to steal something belonging to the Fearless Alliance from my hands even if I lost my life!”

“So what happened then?” Seven Star asked.

To Seven Star, Big Dipper was perfectly intact but lost the token, so clearly, it was because he didn’t safeguard the token with everything he had.

“I don’t know either. They only stole the item then released us. They didn’t even touch a hair on us…”

“Do you think Asura is a charity organization?” Seven Star obviously didn’t believe a single word.

“But that’s the truth!”

“Enough nonsense. Call all the elders here and summon all the hall masters!”

This time, a war between the Fearless Alliance and Asura would really start…

At Asura’s headquarters:

Lin Que fretted with worry as he stared at the black velvet ring box and black lockbox on Lord Asura’s desk.

Those two really got into a pickle this time.

However, it really wasn’t Ninth Brother’s fault. He managed to restrain himself already, but then the Fearless Alliance just had to send someone here to ask for Emperor Ji’s ring and said they could ask for any terms they wanted.

And so… this person was completely pissed off…

Behind the expansive desk, the man silently sat there, resembling the devil, Rakshasa, who climbed out from the deepest part of hell.

One of his hands was pressing his temples hard, and his face was frighteningly pale…

Lin Que was exasperated. “Your head’s hurting again?”

His Ninth Brother’s body had recovered not too long ago, and he started working himself to death as soon as he came to the Independent State. Moreover, his emotions these past few days were extremely unstable, so of course he was suffering again…

“Do I need to call a doctor here to take a look?” However, Lin Que himself knew that this was a psychological illness that needed to be cured by a psychological medicine, so calling a doctor was useless.

“Leave.” The man waved his hand.

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