Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1927 - We’re clearly related to Asura by marriage

Chapter 1927 We’re clearly related to Asura by marriage

Ye Wanwan originally planned to start digging from Elder Jin so that she didn’t need to gather honor points so strenuously, but unfortunately, she gained nothing from this excursion.

Moreover, the reason behind the abduction of Big Dipper’s mother for no reason was also hazy. She didn’t feel like it was a coincidence…

Oh well, it appeared she could only go and gnaw on the hardest bone now.

Ye Wanwan called Big Dipper and Seven Star to her office.

“Big Dipper, have you delivered the message I asked you to deliver? What did they say?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Sis Feng, is that even a question?! Of course they won’t they sell it!” Big Dipper grumbled.

“What was their response? I want the original words.”

“How could they respond? I didn’t see the person at all!”

Ye Wanwan propped her chin on her hand, her head aching. It appeared that the guy was still heated with rage. However, was he the only angry one? She was angry still too! She had forced him to this degree already, but he still stubbornly kept his alias and refused to shed it!

So what if he shed it?!

“There’s only one method left then…” As Ye Wanwan said that, she took a black lockbox from her pocket and threw it at Big Dipper. “Take a few people and help me escort this lockbox to the Fourteenth District.”


Escort it to the Fourteenth District?

Doesn’t that mean I have to pass through the Thirteenth District?

When Big Dipper heard this, he knelt down with a plop at once. “I was wrong, Sis Feng. I’ll definitely be good from now on and won’t ever do it again? If I die, who else can be your considerate apple of the eye?”

“What nonsense are you saying? Who wants you to die?”

“You want me to travel through the Thirteenth District! What’s the difference between that and asking for my life?!”

“Is the Thirteenth District… that scary?” Ye Wanwan raised her brows.

Big Dipper tightly hugged Ye Wanwan’s leg and hobbled his head frantically. “It’s more than that! Asura has controlled the Thirteenth District for more than a century, and no one has ever managed to trespass without permission! As

Asura’s enemy faction, how could it be possible for us to pass through Asura’s core stronghold so openly…?’

Ye Wanwan pursed her lips, dissatisfied with Big Dipper’s wording. “Who are you calling enemy faction?”

We’re clearly related to Asura by marriage…

Pondering over his president’s suicidal move, Big Dipper shakily wiped his sweat. “You don’t think we’re enemies enough?”

Ye Wanwan supported her chin, her finger lightly tapping on her cheek as she gently comforted him: “Don’t worry. I guarantee you’ll safely pass through the Thirteenth District, finish your escort mission, and return compW

Big Dipper looked like he was facing a giant liar. “Sis Feng, I’m not a child anymore…”

Big Dipper recalled his young and clueless days when he believed everything Sis Feng said and ended up being tricked until he cried for his parents. He still had lingering fears.

“Sis Feng, this is too risky,” Seven Star chipped in with his opinion too.

“When have I ever done anything irresponsible?”

Seven Star:”…”

Isn’t that all the time?

Seven Star resisted the urge to expose her.

It was a test of sorts to send Big Dipper to escort the token. She wanted to probe a certain person’s attitude.

She didn’t have to wait long. The next afternoon, Seven Star pushed open her office’s door in a rush and dashed inside. “Sis Feng, something happened!” Seven Star yelled.

“What is it?” This was Ye Wanwan’s first time seeing such a serious expression on Seven Star’s face. “Did something happen to Big Dipper?”

“He’s fine…”

“That’s good.” Ye Wanwan relaxed.

“However, the token…”

“What about the token?”

“The token got stolen by Asura’s members.”

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