Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1926 - It must be Asura

Chapter 1926: It must be Asura

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Ye Wanwan donned a confused expression. “What are you saying, Sir Vice President? I’m a bit confused why you brought so many people here to the Fearless Alliance’s headquarters, and you’re asking me why? Shouldn’t it be me asking you that question?”

“Heh, President Bai, clever people don’t speak hidden words. Hand over our people and supplies,” the Vice President of the Martial Arts Union said with a smile.

“What are you saying, Vice President?” Ye Wanwan asked in “astonishment.” “What people and supplies? Where are your words coming from?”

“President Bai, our Martial Arts Union’s transport trucks disappeared last night, and we lost some extremely valuable medicine and a large number of gold bricks. The elder and two managers in charge of the transportation also went missing…” the Vice President said.

“What? That happened?!” Ye Wanwan hastily asked. “Hurry and find them then! Why do you have the free time to come to our Fearless Alliance?”

“President Bai, our supplies were most likely robbed,” he replied while staring at Ye Wanwan.

“Seriously? That kind of thing happened?!” Ye Wanwan was taken aback. “Who in the Independent State has the guts to touch the supplies of the Martial Arts Union?! They must be severely punished!”

“That’s right! D*mn, which cocky fool could do something like that…? I know!” Big Dipper interjected.

“Oh? Who is it?” The masked man turned to Big Dipper.

“Is that even a question, Vice President? It must’ve been Asura!” Big Dipper answered seriously. “Aside from Asura, who in the Independent State has the guts to steal something from the Martial Arts Union? That’s right, it must’ve been Asura!”

Ye Wanwan shot Big Dipper a look. Can’t you freaking shut that aggravating mouth of yours?!

“Heh, I thought of them earlier, but we’ve eliminated Asura already. Moreover, Asura is open and brazen; they never act sneakily like this… I think that what happened rather fits your Fearless Alliance’s style though.” The masked man stared at Ye Wanwan. “Hand over our people and supplies, President Bai.”

“Vice President, you can eat things carelessly but you can’t say things carelessly. You claim that the Fearless Alliance stole your people and supplies, but do you have proof? If you do, show us outright,” Ye Wanwan said.

Ye Wanwan looked nonchalant and unruffled on the surface but was actually incredibly nervous inside. They didn’t leave any evidence behind last night, right?

“It appears President Bai won’t admit to it.” The masked man glanced at Ye Wanwan. “Fine. We’ve given you and the Fearless Alliance a chance, President Bai. You better pray I won’t find out you’re the culprit.”

After saying that, the masked man turned around and led his people away.

Ye Wanwan finally relaxed when she saw the Vice President leaving. After all this trouble, they didn’t actually have any proof. She got scared thinking they left some fatal evidence behind last night.

Big Dipper and the elders were also frightened.

If the Martial Arts Union did learn it was the Fearless Alliance who did it, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Thankfully, not many people knew about this, so there was no way the secret would get out. Moreover, they didn’t leave behind any evidence, so the Martial Arts Union absolutely wouldn’t discover any proof no matter how omnipotent they were!

After this incident though, Ye Wanwan became more cautious and didn’t plan to visit the base Elder Jin was held in the near future, afraid that the Martial Arts Union would track her.

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