Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1904 - You seem to like it

Chapter 1904: You seem to like it

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Ji Xiuran stepped out of the banquet hall after her, and Skeleton held a long rectangular shaped box next to him.

“Xiao Feng.”

Ye Wanwan reflexively paused and turned around at her name. “Emperor Ji…”

Emperor Ji glanced at Skeleton and the man nodded before carrying the box to Ye Wanwan.

This is…?” Ye Wanwan didnt understand.

This Tang backsword is for you,” Ji Xiuran replied.

Ye Wanwan was astonished. “Huh…? For me?”

Yes. You seemed to like it,” Ji Xiuran nonchalantly answered, like it was a matter-of-course thing.

Big Dipper and Seven Star looked at each other, surprise on their faces.

What was going on with Emperor Ji?

Why did his attitude feel so odd?

And this wasn’t the first time they had this feeling…

Originally, the Fearless Alliance and Emperor Ji should’ve been enemies after a conflict between the two, but ever since Sis Feng returned, they became closer and closer instead of intensifying their hostility.

However, no matter how Seven Star thought about it, he couldn’t understand why Ji Xiuran would befriend a notorious and ill-reputed organization like the Fearless Alliance…

Ye Wanwan sweated profusely instantly. “I can’t, I can’t! This is too valuable!”

As one of tonight’s climax auction items, this backsword was sold for an astronomical price of several hundred million.

Big Dipper was stupefied. “D*mn! Isn’t this the Tang backsword once used by the previous President of the Martial Arts Union? The dream collector item of every martial artist and every fanboy in the Independent State!

“Sis Feng, what’s wrong with you? Shouldn’t you shamelessly hurry and accept this? Why are you acting all gentlemanly and pious in front of Emperor Ji?”

Gentlemanly your a**!

“Shut up.” Ye Wanwan kicked him before turning back to Ji Xiuran and saying, “Ahem, thank you, but this backsword is truly too valuable. I can’t accept it.”

Alright, she also thought she would inexplicably become very “gentlemanly” every time she was with Ji Xiuran.

Ji Xiuran didn’t mind and chuckled lightly. “Then take it to play with for a few days and return it to me later.”

“Ah, then um…” Ye Wanwan was somewhat tempted as she stared at the backsword.

Ever since she saw this backsword at the banquet hall, her mind had been ill at ease, so this would be the perfect time to borrow it to study it.

Skeleton had already stepped forward and handed the box to Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan carefully accepted it. “Ahem, then thanks! I’ll definitely protect it well.”

“No problem.” Ji Xiuran smiled before recalling something, and his smile dimmed. “Apologies. I couldn’t bid for my own donated item. That ring…”

The flames in Ye Wanwan’s heart combusted once more. She forcibly repressed it and squeezed out between gritted teeth: “No worries, I have a solution.”

Then Ye Wanwan was probably afraid of Ji Xiuran misunderstanding and hastily coughed and explained, “Ahem, um, please don’t misunderstand. I didn’t mean anything else by it. I actually wanted this ring because I wanted to exchange it for Scarlet Flames Academy’s…”

“Didn’t mean anything else?” Ji Xiuran interrupted, his light-colored eyes meaningfully landing on her face.

Ye Wanwan felt a bit awkward. As Bai Feng, she had a complicated secret relationship with Ji Xiuran, so Ji Xiuran probably wouldn’t believe she wanted it purely for honor points.

Before Ye Wanwan could gather a good response, Big Dipper interjected, “No other meaning? Sis Feng, who the heck are you trying to fool?”

Ye Wanwan’s veins popped on her forehead. “Big Dipper, I feel like you’ve been feeling a bit itchy recently?”

Big Dipper instantly escaped ten feet away. “No, no! Sis Feng, you absolutely had no other meaning! You did it for love and justice!”

Ye Wanwan:

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