Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1903 - Lord Asura“s love for Emperor Ji was probably true love

Chapter 1903 Lord Asura“s love for Emperor Ji was probably true love

Lord Asura glanced at Shen Tianchen, and some extremely icy emotions leaked out from his gloomy eyes, sending an involuntary shiver down Shen Tianchen”s spine.

D*mn! Why did Lord Asura look at me so frighteningly?!

I’m an extravagant spender! Who on this planet doesn’t face me with a grin?

Shen Tianchen gulped. “How about… how about you name any price you want…?”

Lord Asura handed the ring to Jiang Yan for safekeeping and promptly turned, leaving behind the deep and hoarse words “Not for sale” in his wake.

Shen Tianchen:

Third Miss Shen:

Ye Wanwan:

300 million! It was 300 million!

Ye Wanwan suddenly started to deeply suspect that Lord Asura’s love for Emperor Ji… was probably true love…

Watching Lord Asura leave… Watching Lord Asura leave with her 10,000 honor points in tow… Ye Wanwan was about to explode from her fury!

Why did she bother worrying about those cufflinks ending up in another woman’s hands…

Ye Wanwan intently stared at the man leaving with her honor points for a moment before turning to Third Miss Shen and asking, Third Miss, do you want these cufflinks? If you want them, I’ll sell them to you cheaper and give you a discount at 100 million!”

The girl’s enraged voice floated from behind him. When Lord Asura heard her wanting to sell his cufflinks, his steps seemed to pause for a moment and his back also stiffened, but he quickly recovered and disappeared into the dark night.

Third Miss Shen started for a moment before her face became livid with anger. “You bought it for one dollar yet you’re selling it for 100 million?! Why don’t you come and rob me instead?!”

Ye Wanwan pursed her lips. “Who cares how much I bought it for? These cufflinks are worth this price!”

After her fury passed, Third Miss Shen mulled it over and felt Bai Feng was right…

It was worth 100 million! She wouldn’t be losing anything really…?

Moreover, Lord Asura was so… so good-looking…

Third Miss Shen was tempted!

Third Miss Shen coughed lightly and said, “100 million, is it? Sure! I’ll buy the cufflinks!”

“Send money to her.” Third Miss Shen turned to her assistant and instructed her before extending her hand toward Ye Wanwan. “Give me the cufflinks!”

Big Dipper was flabbergasted as he witnessed this, overwhelmed with admiration. “You’re too awesome, Sis Feng!”

One dollar in exchange for 100 million. This was simply an extremely profitable exchange!

“Hurry and give it to her!” Big Dipper urged.

Ye Wanwan met Third Miss Shen’s anticipatory face, and her nonchalant expression chilled. “You want to buy these cufflinks with a mere 100 million? Aren’t you dreaming too much?”

“Bai Feng, what do you mean?”

“Nothing! I’m not selling!”

“Bai Feng! You! It was clearly you who said you were selling! Are you playing me?!” Third Miss Shen nearly spat out blood from anger.

Ye Wanwan answered, “Yes, so what?”

Third Miss Shen:

Big Dipper was stunned. “Sis Feng, are you mad?! Why aren’t you selling?! That’s 100 million! 100 million!!!”

“What about 100 million? Is it a lot?” Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him.

It freaking really was a lot!

But since she rejected it already, she couldn’t regret it.

What a good-for-nothing she was! She was tormented to this extent, and she still couldn’t part with some lousy cufflinks of his…

“Let’s go home.”

Ye Wanwan finally left after sending chickens and dogs flying everywhere at the charity banquet and offending everyone.

Seven Star followed her, worried. He wasn’t worried about other people since they wouldn’t have the nerve to attack the Fearless Alliance about this tiny matter, but Lord Asura…

What Sis Feng did tonight was truly overboard. Asura and the Fearless Alliance had a hostile relationship to begin with, so this undoubtedly would make things worse.

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