Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1902 - His taste is too frightening

Chapter 1902 His taste is too frightening

The man minutely nodded and ordered Jiang Yan to swipe his card and pay for it on the spot. Then his slender fingers accepted the box.

Ye Wanwan intently stared at the ring, her eyes nearly sending the ring’s box ablaze…

Ugh! So infuriating!

My honor points ahhh!

“Um… Ji Xiuran, do you have any other ring?” Ye Wanwan asked with one last ray of hope without any care for how awful a certain person’s face would be after she asked this question.

Ji Xiuran shook his head. “I don’t. I’m not accustomed to wearing rings, so this was the only one.”

“Then um…”

D*mn …

It appeared the person who issued the mission only wanted this ring. If she tried to slide by with another ring, it wouldn’t work.

At that moment, Third Miss Shen marched over and stopped in front of Lord Asura.

Third Miss Shen first shyly glanced at Ji Xiuran before turning to fervently stare at the ring in Lord Asura’s hands. However, she cowered a little due to the other man’s overly intimidating aura before scrounging up her courage and asking, “Esteemed Lord Asura… could you… sell this ring to me?”

As Third Miss Shen said that, she mused to herself, Wow! Lord Asura looks even prettier up close!

Who would’ve expected Lord Asura, who was rumored to look like Rakshasa, would turn out to be so handsome…

Too bad he was so frightening and made everyone too scared to approach him. In contrast, Ji Xiuran was much gentler. “I can give double the price!” Third Miss Shen confidently offered.

Ye Wanwan nearly choked on her own spit from shock.

D*mn! Double!

That was 200 million!

She started with 200 freaking million!

Rich people like the Shen family were truly too much!

After Third Miss Shen said that, she glanced at Ye Wanwan gloatingly. She didn’t believe there was anything in this world that couldn’t be resolved by money.

There was an 80% chance Lord Asura fought for this ring due to a conflict with Bro Flattop and wanted to antagonize her. The other reason was to use this 100 million of charity money to befriend the Shen family.

Since it was like that, if she offered 200 million to buy this ring from Lord Asura, he would definitely agree to sell it to her as long as he was right in the head.

The assistant next to Third Miss Shen also thought this method was feasible, so she didn’t stop her miss.

“How about it, Lord Asura?” Third Miss Shen asked self-assuredly.

The man aloofly glanced at Third Miss Shen from the corner of his eyes and indifferently said, “No.”

Third Miss Shen: “…”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Big Dipper: “…”

Shen Tianchen suddenly interrupted this peculiar silence and belligerently shouted, “I offer 250 million! Sell it to me, Lord Asura!”

Then Shen Tianchen turned fawningly to Ye Wanwan, his eyes brightly shining. “Don’t worry, Goddess! I will definitely help you get anything you want!”

Third Miss Shen stomped her foot in anger. “Is there something wrong with your head, Brother?”

She already had a hard time understanding why Shen Tianchen spent 100 million to buy Bro Flattop’s lousy bracelet for no good reason tonight, and now he was calling Bro Flattop… “Goddess”?

Her brother didn’t take a liking to Bro Flattop, right? Too frightening! His taste was too intense!

Shen Tianchen ignored his sister and continued to pester Lord Asura. “No, 300 million! I’ll pay 300 million. That should be enough, right?”

He was offering more money than was sensible already… There was probably no one who could reject it…

Ye Wanwan, at least, felt like she would’ve sold it if it were her.

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