Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1901 - Having a lover’s spat !

Chapter 1901 Having a lover’s spat !

“This vixen has gone too far!” This was the nth time Jiang Yan had uttered this same line out of fury.

“Ah, Little Red, calm down!” Lin Que clapped the aggravated Jiang Yan’s shoulder.

They’re just having a lover’s spat… Why do you keep blindly getting mixed up into it…

However, this time… the spat had gotten a little serious…

Lin Que had never seen Ninth Brother angered to this extent.

Ye Wanwan was truly too capable.

This year’s charity auction experienced all sorts of twists and turns and surprises, providing a rather thrilling and frightening night.

From the arrival of President Fearless and Lord Asura to Emperor Ji and Lord Asura simultaneously bidding for Bro Flattop’s bracelet for no reason to Bro Flattop and Lord Asura clashing and fighting over Emperor Ji’s ring to Bro Flattop snatching Lord Asura’s cufflinks with one dollar…

Every event sent the onlookers’ jaws dropping. Their hypotheses that formed seconds ago were constantly turned over in the next second inexplicably.

After Bai Feng bought Lord Asura’s valuable obsidian cufflinks at the price of one dollar, everyone subconsciously turned to Lord Asura. Their bums hovered above their chairs, wanting nothing more than to escape for their lives immediately.

However, Lord Asura was still Lord Asura. Despite being provoked publicly in this fashion, he suppressed his rage, but his complexion… it was terrifying…

“Sh*t! I’m scared to death… The smell of gunpowder tonight is too frightening…”

“A perfectly fine charity banquet was ruined by Bro Flattop! She really came here to crash the party, didn’t she?!”

“Isn’t the Fearless Alliance too gutsy? First, they sabotaged the price of Emperor Ji’s ring and stole from Third Miss Shen. Now, they stole Lord Asura’s cufflinks with that kind of price and offended all the big shots here… Lord Asura’s murderous face looks especially torrential…”

“I think the Fearless Alliance will definitely face-plant this time! They should’ve thought about who they were provoking!”

The atmosphere in the venue was taut as a string, and everyone held their breaths and prepared to escape for their lives. The only relaxed person was probably Ye Wanwan. After stealing the cufflinks, she cheerfully glanced at the man to her left.

Although she really didn’t want to admit it, she might’ve snatched the cufflinks to vent her anger, but also because… she disliked those women’s covetous glances and couldn’t tolerate this pair of cufflinks ending up in another woman’s hands.

After the auction ended, the employees started delivering everyone’s auctioned items. Ye Wanwan brazenly asked Big Dipper, “Do you have a coin on you?”

Big Dipper dug everywhere and really pulled out a one-dollar coin.

Ye Wanwan took it and casually flicked it with a “ding” at the employee. Then she took the obsidian cufflinks packaged in a black velvet box from the employee’s hands.

Big Dipper quietly whispered next to Ye Wanwan’s ear: “Sis Feng, I think you should just give the cufflinks to Emperor Ji… and let Emperor Ji and Lord Asura bond together…”

Veins twitched on Ye Wanwan’s forehead, and she mercilessly kicked Big Dipper.

Bond them together your a**!

“Why else would you need these cufflinks? You should do them a favor instead… Look at how Lord Asura is staring at the cufflinks in your hands, about to be angered to death…” Big Dipper feebly protested.

“Can’t I throw them around like toys?” Ye Wanwan glared at him.

The second Ye Wanwan spoke, the temperature in the hall seemed to have dropped a few more degrees.

At that moment, an employee cautiously walked over, holding the ring that Lord Asura bought for 100 million. “Esteemed Lord Asura, here’s your ring.”

“…”Ye Wanwan fumed. D*mn! Mine! It’s clearly mine, okay?!

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