Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1900 - Whoever dares to compete with me

Chapter 1900: Whoever dares to compete with me

Ji Xiuran imperceptibly glanced at Lord Asura. He also couldn’t resolve the current situation since he couldn’t bid for his own auction item.

The auctioneer tentative called, “100 million going once, 100 million going twice, 100 million going… thrice…”

And so, in the end, Emperor Ji’s ring was sold to Lord Asura in a jaw-dropping moment.

Big Dipper secretly stared at the duo. “See! See! I was saying that Lord Asura and Emperor Ji are a couple…”

“Quiet,” Seven Star snapped.

Seven Star quietly reminded Ye Wanwan: “Sis Feng, we should leave.”

Ye Wanwan’s objective was the ring. Now that the ring was gone, there was no point in staying.

“Who said I’m gonna leave?! It hasn’t ended yet!” Ye Wanwan’s fury boiled, and she plopped back down on her chair.

The auctioneer fearfully announced the auction would continue, and Big Dipper and Seven Star had no choice but to continue waiting in the back, seeing as they couldn’t persuade Ye Wanwan to leave.

From the corners of his eyes, Lord Asura glimpsed at the girl’s angrily flushed cheeks and the brilliant flame burning in her eyes, and he became dazed. Then he recalled something and his eyes dimmed again, transforming into an endless abyss…

“The donor of this auction item was… the leader of Asura, Lord Asura! It’s a pair of obsidian cufflinks! Please start bidding!” The auctioneer wiped his sweat. Why was it another tricky character?

Following the auctioneer’s words was another fervent uproar, especially from the women.

“Wahhh! Lord Asura actually donated an item too! Ah, it’s cufflinks! They’re also closely-worn items!”

“Asura might be a bit wicked… but Lord Asura is seriously too good-looking ahhh!”

“That’s right, that’s right! I’m going to bid on this item to collect it!”

“I also want it, I also want it! Everyone, compete fairly!”

“Enough, stop arguing! It’s starting, it’s starting!”

On the stage, the auctioneer announced the start of the bidding.

Everyone held their breaths and waited on their toes, preparing to raise their placards. However, at that moment, a placard was lifted, followed by a languid voice. “I offer one dollar.”

Rage lingered in Ye Wanwan’s eyes, along with a few traces of murderous aura, as she coolly glanced at those enthusiastic socialites: Whoever dares to compete with me, just try!

All the women were instantly sent trembling with fright like little chicks.

Why’s it her again?!?!?!

“One dollar?! Bai Feng’s gone mad, right?!”

“What’s the difference between this and direct robbery?”

This is obviously blatant robbery, alright?!”

Ye Wanwan snorted. “I’m robbing openly! So what? Bite me!” was written all over her face.

After Ye Wanwan’s yell of “One dollar,” no one else dared to bid. Even if this was the lowest price in history and even if a beggar wouldn’t pick it up after it dropped on the ground, no one dared to counterbid.

The auctioneer had never encountered this kind of situation in his career. He felt like this was the biggest challenge of his career!

“Hey, time’s up. Shouldn’t you start counting down?” Ye Wanwan threateningly reminded him, lightly tapping her armrest.

The auctioneer shuddered and hastily said, “Yes… President of the Fearless Alliance Bai Feng… one dollar going once… one dollar going twice… one dollar going… t-thrice…”

Towards the end, the auctioneer didn’t dare to meet Lord Asura’s eyes. “Going thrice, sold!”

The item he donated was bought for one dollar! This was simply public humiliation, a face-slapping and provocation! Asura and the Fearless Alliance were probably going to start a war, right?!

The color drained from Seven Star’s face.

He prepared himself for the worst already but didn’t expect reality to be more excruciating…

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