Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1899 - Bro Flattop is about to wreak havoc!

Chapter 1899 Bro Flattop is about to wreak havoc!

“I heard Bro Flattop has a keen fondness for beautiful men… She probably took a fancy to Emperor Ji.” “D*mn! That’s possible!”

“What a pity! Emperor Ji’s in danger from being pestered by a hoodlum!”

President Fearless Bai Feng for 21 million, going twice!” the auctioneer counted down again.

“President Fearless Bai Feng for 21 million, going thri—”

As the auctioneer said that, he lowered the hammer in his hand. Ye Wanwan had nothing but excitement on her face. This is great! My honor points are home!

However, the second before the auctioneer slammed down the hammer, announcing the winner, a nonchalant voice rang out from the deadly silent crowd. “30 million.”

Swish swish swish—

Everyone automatically turned to the speaker to see who in the world had the courage to fight over something with Bro Flattop!

The person who raised the placard was… #9, Lord Asura!


Lord Asura?

N-no wonder…

The only one in the entire banquet who would dare to snatch something from the Fearless Alliance was probably Asura. Not to mention the shocked guests, but Ye Wanwan’s eyes nearly stuck to the man’s face with her hard glare.


My honor points were about to be mine but they got cut off…

“D*mn! What are you doing?!?!?!” Ye Wanwan questioned aggressively without thinking in her fury.

The man’s expression was as cool and expressionless as always, as though nothing happened. “Bidding, of course.”

“You…” Bid your a**! He’s trying to anger me to death!

Ye Wanwan gritted her teeth. “31 million.”

She merely had an estimate of 20 million and didn’t have any more money than that, so she could only stubbornly persist.

The man next to her promptly said, “40 million.”

Ye Wanwan choked. “Forty… one million.”

“50 million.”

Ye Wanwan was about to spit out blood! But she couldn’t! She couldn’t stand this down!

Ye Wanwan ignored Seven Star’s frantic warning and continued: “51 million!”

Lord Asura’s eyes continued to chill as Ye Wanwan persistently tried to outbid him. “100 million.”

Ye Wanwan:

The auctioneer sensed the hostile atmosphere and asked with trepidation, “Lord Asura is offering 100 million. Does a- anyone else have an offer?”

Ye Wanwan was going to fight him on the spot!

She couldn’t do it! She had to brawl with this guy right now!

Ye Wanwan did exactly as she wanted. She shot up and fiercely glared at the man. “You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?!?!?!”

Everyone reflexively retreated to the periphery. Sh*t! Bro Flattop is about to wreak havoc!

“What do you mean, President Bai?” Lord Asura peered up at her. From her position looking down, the man’s eyelashes looked black and long, like the wings of a butterfly, and his eyes were extraordinarily good-looking.

F*ck! Ye Wanwan! What are you looking at now, of all times?! Ye Wanwan instantly reverted back to her enraged state. ‘You Si b*stard! Today, I’m—”

Two shadows swiftly dashed forward in the nick of time and each person held back one side of her body.

“Sis Feng, calm down, calm down!” Big Dipper yelled.

“Sis Feng, you can’t; Seven Star advised.

Big Dipper was trembling with fear. “Ah, Sis Feng, our Fearless Alliance might be fearless of everyone, but… but this one… We really can’t… I’m still a little… a little scared… Can’t we stand down a bit?”

Ye Wanwan: “…”

Stand down your a**! I’m about to be angered to death by this guy!

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