Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1898 - In angry tears!

Chapter 1898 In angry tears!

Ye Wanwan didn’t immediately start bidding mostly out of bashfulness. If it were someone else, she would’ve definitely been the first to bid and win it at the lowest price possible. However, this was Ji Xiuran.

Ji Xiuran helped her too much, so she had to give him some face and couldn’t be too rude.

And so, Ye Wanwan watched for an opportunity and waited for everyone to hype it up a bit more; it would be alright as long as she made her bid before Third Miss Shen skyrocketed the price.

She sharply caught Third Miss Shen about to raise her sign.


“21 million!” Ye Wanwan shouted.

At the raising of Ye Wanwan’s #8 placard, the volume drained from the entire venue, a venue that was lively just a second ago.

The confident and determined Third Miss Shen suddenly lost her ability to raise her hand like her hand got chopped. Her face was ashen as she foolishly stared at Bai Feng, evidently not anticipating Bro Flattop to also bid for this ring.

D*mn it! It’s Bai Feng…

Why is Bai Feng bidding for Emperor Ji’s ring?

She wouldn’t care about any guest present who was competing with her since an auction was a fair and open competition won by the highest bidder.

However, it just had to be Bro Flattop!

No, she had to get this ring!

Third Miss shakily wanted to raise her placard.

“Third Miss! Don’t! Please reconsider!” Her assistant pressed down her miss’ hand, frightened stiff, and hastily advised, “Third Miss! That’s Bro Flattop, Bai Feng… Who knows what she might do in her madness…

“Even Sir isn’t willing to provoke someone like her! You mustn’t be impulsive, Third Miss! It’s just a ring…”

“But this ring was supposed to be mine!” Third Miss Shen angrily squeezed out. She had already prepared 200 million for this but was going to lose to 21 million?

The assistant looked panicked. “I know, I know! But since Bai Feng bid, it means she’s telling everyone she wants this ring. If you publicly fight with her over it, you’d be stripping all pretenses with her… It’d be better to offend a gentleman than a scoundrel!”

Third Miss Shen was still unwilling to accept this, but she met her father’s warning glare.

As expected, even Father wasn’t willing to provoke Bai Feng.

Third Miss Shen had no choice but to grit her teeth and put her sign down.

The auctioneer kept his attention on Third Miss Shen and unsurprisingly watched her lower her sign, her face pale.

Third Miss Shen didn’t dare to raise her sign. After all, who would suicidally bid against the President of the Fearless Alliance?

No one, of course…

Ye Wanwan looked unsurprised and sat there, unfazed. When she saw Third Miss Shen putting down her placard, she even nodded at Third Miss Shen with a smile. Thanks!

Third Miss Shen nearly burst into angry tears when she saw Bai Feng’s look!

This was a robbery! So unfair!

Ji Xiuran retained his perpetual smile when Ye Wanwan intercepted the bid halfway through and didn’t look too surprised. His gaze landed on the ring on the auction stage and his face turned a bit blank, as though he was absorbed in one of his memories.

Meanwhile, Shen Tianchen looked like he’d been wronged. “Goddess, you’re bidding for Emperor Ji’s ring, but you didn’t bid for my item…”

Upon seeing a lack of further bids, the auctioneer started counting down. “President Fearless Bai Feng for 21 million, going once!”

There was complete silence.

Seven Star had no choice but to sigh and accept his fate.

Some of the guests started whispering in speculation. “D*mn! What’s Bro Flattop trying to do by bidding for Emperor Ji’s ring?”

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