Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1897 - Hurt a little from being crushed by money

Chapter 1897: Hurt a little from being crushed by money

“The Shen family is truly kind and charitable! Admirable, admirable!” Everyone marveled and flattered Shen Tianchen. Ye Wanwan:

Were all wealthy people foolish like this?

Shen Tianchen didn’t detect any of the underlying ripples just now and giddily boasted to Ye Wanwan: “Goddess, I’ll definitely treasure this bracelet for the rest of my life!”

Ye Wanwan wordlessly rubbed her forehead. Her head pounded right now… She hurt a little from being crushed by money…

She didn’t cheat on a certain person despite being crushed like this! It was seriously true love, alright?!

After this auction round, Ye Wanwan simply felt like she was sucked dry, and it was pure willpower that kept her going as she waited for Ji Xiuran’s ring.

Soon, the climax auction items were about to be presented, and everyone’s attention slowly drifted back to the auction stage.

The first item was the Nine Dragon Goblet with a starting price of 80 million. An intense fight later, the goblet was won by an antique collector at the high price of 200 million.

Everyone couldn’t help but muse that only a treasurSoon, it was the climax auction items, and everyone’s attention slowly gathered back to the auction stage, e at this level was worth 200 million. Yet, Bro Flattop’s shoddy bracelet was sold for 100 million! This was a marvel never before seen in the history of the auction…

Next was the Tang backsword once used by the previous President of the Martial Arts Union.

When the red cloth was pulled back and the Tang backsword was revealed, Ye Wanwan’s brows twitched for no reason.

Due to a long period of disuse, this sword looked a bit old and the blade was blunt. It silently laid there, emitting an ancient and profound sense of history and a striking bloodthirstiness.

This backsword was… very familiar…

While Ye Wanwan was confusedly examining the backsword and pondering over this strange feeling, the bid started in full swing.

In the end, Ji Xiuran won the bid for the Tang backsword, and the guests around them all politely and amiably toasted him. “Congratulations, congratulations!”

“Congratulations, Emperor Ji!”

Ji Xiuran nodded in thanks and looked at Ye Wanwan. “Xiao Feng, do you like that sword?”

When they were outside, Emperor Ji usually called her “President Bai,” but for some reason, he reverted back to Xiao Feng on this occasion.

Ye Wanwan returned to the present. “No, it just feels weirdly familiar…”

Ji Xiuran looked at the girl deeply. “Is that so?”

“The next item to be auctioned is… Mr. Ji Xiuran’s ring!”

The auctioneer’s voice rang out from the stage.

Ye Wanwan straightened up instantly, all her attention on the stage.

Although the value of Ji Xiuran’s ring certainly wasn’t as much as the Nine Dragon Goblet, it was possible that its final sold price could be as high as the Goblet due to its owner.

The guests all rubbed their hands in preparation for tonight’s battle.

Word had it that Third Miss Shen would also participate in the bid for this item, but many people still wanted to compete for it since no one present was poor.

Third Miss Shen’s personal assistant reassured her with a smile: “Don’t worry, Third Miss—Emperor Ji’s ring will definitely belong to you!”

Third Miss Shen raised her chin and confidently said, “That goes without saying.”

Then she fervently turned to Ji Xiuran.

“Now, the bidding begins! You may all start naming your bids!” the auctioneer passionately announced.

“10 million!” an upper-class woman called out, doubling the price immediately.

“15 million!”

“20 million!”

Bids surged one after another, and everyone tacitly raised their bids by an entire five million. The intense competition over this ring was apparent.

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