Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1896 - I can’t even touch you now?

Chapter 1896: I can’t even touch you now?

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Ye Wanwan was almost blinded by Ji Xiuran’s smile but breathed a sigh of relief at successfully persuading him. However…

However, just as she relaxed, a cold voice rang out next to her.

Ten million.”

D*mn! What…What s happening?

Ten million?

“N-number 9, Lord Asura, bids 10 million.” The auctioneer stared in the direction of the placard, flabbergasted, and another commotion ran through the venue.

“D*mn! That lousy bracelet is worth several ten-thousand at most, right? Emperor Ji is giving enough face by bidding one million! What’s going on with Lord Asura? 10 million? Did I hear it wrong?”

“Don’t tell me this bracelet is actually some kind of treasure?”

“It’s possible. Otherwise, why would two powerful figures like Lord Asura and Emperor Ji fight over it?”

Shen Tianchen looked at Lord Asura then Emperor Ji, dumbfounded. What in the world was happening???

Ye Wanwan froze for three seconds before glaring at the man next to her.

D*mn! Ten million?! Was this man insane? Was money that easy to earn? How could he be so wasteful?!

If Ye Wanwan had unintentionally spoken easily-misunderstood words to Ji Xiuran earlier, Ye Wanwan earnestly felt her heart aching this time!

“Sh*t, sh*t!” Lin Que exasperatedly covered his face in the rear seats. My dear brother, you’re going to lose your disguise if you continue like this, do you understand?!?!?!

As expected… As soon as Ninth Brother collides into Ji Xiuran… he can lose control any second…

In the midst of Ye Wanwan’s staredown of Lord Asura, she heard the occupant to her right speaking again.

“20 million,” Ji Xiuran called.

Ye Wanwan was stunned. Hey hey, what’s going on?

“Didn’t you promise you wouldn’t bid anymore?!” Ye Wanwan hastily asked Ji Xiuran.

The smile in Ji Xiuran’s eyes ebbed a few degrees, and he calmly said, “Ignore us, Xiao Feng. This is business between Lord Asura and me.”

Huh? Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded. How did it become their business? What business could they have?

What followed after was a whirlwind of price jacking that dazed the audience.

“100 million!” a voice suddenly shouted, shocking the entire venue.

It was Shen Tianchen, who finally regained his wits.

Ye Wanwan:

100 million?

Ye Wanwan’s heart was on the verge of bleeding. Money! All of this is money! If you’re that wealthy, can’t you give it to me directly? I can use it to buy honor points!

This lousy bracelet was really, really cheap!!!

When Ye Wanwan saw Lord Asura about to raise his placard still, she pounced at him, pressing down his hand. “STOP!”

Her fragrance assaulted him, and he stared at her warm little hand, his stormy darkness slowly receding. It seemed like he had woken up from a dream and realized what he just did.

Lin Que, who witnessed the entire process of his Ninth Brother spiraling out of control, had a look of despair on his face.

Si Yehan pinched his brows with his fingers, gradually recovering his Lord Asura style of aloofness and coldness. He rigidly pulled out his pressed hand.

Ye Wanwan’s lip twitched and her face swished to black.

I can’t even touch you now?

You won’t let me touch you, huh?!

Thankfully, Emperor Ji also stopped raising the price.

And so, in the end, this lousy bracelet, which cost less than 100 thousand after the discount, was sold for the astronomical price of 100 million to Tycoon Shen.

Everyone’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they witnessed this lousy thing sold for 100 million!

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