Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1895 - Alright, as you wish

Chapter 1895 Alright, as you wish

After Ye Wanwan straightened herself, Lord Asura’s gaze looked past her and landed on the man to her right.

As though detecting his gaze, Ji Xiuran nodded minutely and smiled faintly.

That instant, Ye Wanwan inexplicably jolted and felt her back becoming rigid. Why did it feel cold all of a sudden?

On the auction stage, the auctioneer announced, “The donor of the next item was… was…”

Even the greatly experienced auctioneer felt stuck and took half a day to finish speaking. “The President of the Fearless Alliance… Bai Feng! President Bai’s auction item is a crystal bracelet!”

Silence enveloped the venue.

Bro Flattop came running to contribute to charity and donated something… This scene was seriously too mystical.

Ye Wanwan had Seven Star casually purchase this bracelet at a shopping center, so the crystal wasn’t too great quality and only cost $10,000—an average item at most.

There wasn’t any base price for the donated items at this charity auction, and everyone could bid however they wanted. But everyone present was clever and experienced, so they could roughly estimate the price and give a base price higher than the item’s original price.

“Everyone can start bidding,” the auctioneer continued nervously.

Another silence enveloped the venue and no one raised their placard to put up a bid.

Shen Tianchen looked to the left and right. He was planning to wait until the bid proceeded further to avoid winning in one go. However, no one was competing against him.

How could he showcase his advantage of being wealthy now?

This was the first poor turnout at this auction, and even the auctioneer felt a bit awkward and struggled to reach for words while sweating profusely. He tried to brag about the quality of the bracelet, but anyone with an eye could see it was a typical store-bought item and was worth several ten-thousands at most.

Shen Tianchen was upset at first but became excited quickly. Since no one was starting a bid, wouldn’t he be saving the day if he was the first to bid?

He was about to speak when a warm and gentle voice rang out in the hall. “One million.”

Shen Tianchen was shocked! He didn’t expect someone to snatch his chance!

Who was it?

He turned to the owner of the placard: #13, Ji Xiuran!

What’s going on?

Ye Wanwan was collectedly sitting in her seat waiting for Ji Xiuran’s ring to be auctioned without any care for her own auction item. She didn’t expect Ji Xiuran to actually start bidding and was shocked when he directly rose the price tenfold.

“Hey hey, Ji Xiuran, what are you doing?” Ye Wanwan turned to Ji Xiuran.

“Bidding. What about it?” Ji Xiuran gently asked.

Ye Wanwan scratched her head. “Ahem, you… you aren’t trying to make me look good, right?”

“Is there a problem with that?” Ji Xiuran chuckled and admitted it frankly.

Ye Wanwan was startled. “Ahem, thank you, thank you, but um…”

Ji Xiuran interrupted: “Xiao Feng, no need to thank me with our relationship.”

Ye Wanwan choked. “What I mean is that I just randomly bought this thing at the shopping center and it only cost me 88,000 after a discount, less than 100,000, so you don’t need to spend this money! Moreover, when does my Fearless Alliance ever need to worry about appearances and face?!”

Being shameless is our style and specialty!

After saying that, Ye Wanwan felt something was amiss. Her tone sounded like her heart ached about Ji Xiuran spending money…

Ji Xiuran seemed to cheer up from her words and looked at her happily, indulgence and pampering affection flowing from his eyes. “Alright, as you wish.”

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