Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1894 - Don’t want to cause trouble

Chapter 1894 Don’t want to cause trouble

Normally, people would donate valuable or meaningful items to express their sincerity, so Ye Wanwan naturally wouldn’t expose that she bought it on the spot.

Soon, the auction began and bidding for all the donated items started one by one.

All kinds of things were donated. There were conservative items like jewelry and accessories or items like pre-worn outfits to meaningful events or used fountain pens, weapons, and such donated by famous people.

Everything at the beginning was basically the warm-up, and the climax of tonight was three treasures.

The first treasure was the Nine Dragon Goblet donated by Patriarch Shen. Its value was very high and it was a rare treasure, so the bidder would not only contribute to charity but would also obtain such a great treasure. They would be killing two birds with one stone and wouldn’t lose out at all.

The second treasure was a Tang dynasty backsword donated by the Martial Arts Union and was allegedly used by the previous President of the Martial Arts Union. It held immense collection value especially for practitioners of martial arts, so it was also the target of countless people.

The third treasure was Emperor Ji’s ring. A ring worn closely by Emperor Ji all these years was naturally a rare treasure.

The auction vivaciously proceeded and the attendants all waited in the back row. Seven Star’s gaze didn’t stray from Ye Wanwan for a second, afraid that she would start trouble.

Ye Wanwan’s target tonight was very obvious: the ring and her honor points. Everything could wait until she obtained her honor points, so she didn’t plan to cause any trouble. Seven Star was seriously worrying too much.

In truth, Ye Wanwan indeed remained peaceful like nobody’s business and docilely sat there, not doing anything.

Since the climax was near the end, Ye Wanwan leaned crookedly to the side and kept yawning for the next hour. The two men next to her were rather quiet. Emperor Ji had been seriously watching the auction proceeding on the stage, along with Lord Asura as well.

Ye Wanwan was truly bored from waiting. She propped her head on her hand and looked to the left then looked to the right. Then she tilted her head toward Lord Asura and blinked. “Eh, Lord Asura, what did you donate?”

The girl’s sudden approach caused her warm breath to unexpectedly spray his neck, catching him off guard. The man frowned imperceptibly and didn’t answer.

“Hm? Lemme guess! Jewelry?” Ye Wanwan pressed.

Veins bulged out of Seven Star’s forehead as he watched his President trying to strike conversation with Lord Asura. He almost couldn’t stop himself from rushing over.

She had stayed peaceful for barely two hours!

Ye Wanwan continued to guess. “Eh? It wasn’t? Was it a fountain pen? Or a tie clip?”

She really wasn’t trying to cause trouble! She was just seriously too bored!

Ye Wanwan kept talking into Lord Asura’s ears, and her warm breath and alluring fragrance kept assaulting him… “All wrong? Was it a watch?”

It was finally the last straw for him, and his deep and hoarse voice coolly rang out: “Cufflinks.”

“Ah! So it was cufflinks!” Ye Wanwan finally received her answer but didn’t leave and kept an arm resting across the back of Lord Asura’s chair.

Lord Asura:

Ji Xiuran suddenly called out next to Ye Wanwan’s ears: “President Bai.”

“What?” Ye Wanwan reflexively spun her head to look at him.

“It’s your donated item next,” Ji Xiuran replied.

“Oh, oh? That fast?” Ye Wanwan finally straightened herself and cheered up a little, turning to the auction stage.

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