Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1893 - Spectacular assembly

Chapter 1893: Spectacular assembly

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When Patriarch Shen saw Bai Feng appearing with Big Dipper and Seven Star in tow, his expression also changed. However, he was the patriarch of a great clan, so he quickly calmed down and received them with a smile. “President Bai…”

Before Patriarch Shen could greet her though, Shen Tianchen leaped forward like a bullet. “D*mn, Goddess! Why are you here? The Fearless Alliance is actually attending a charity banquet?! Am I finally getting delusional from missing you too much—”

“Watch your mouth.” Patriarch Shen quickly interrupted his son with a knock on the head.

“Ahem, please ignore my unruly son’s brash mouth, President Bai. Love and charity are borderless, so the charity banquet welcomes all sects and factions of the Independent State. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have given your esteemed alliance an invitation. Welcome welcome, President Bai.” Patriarch Shen quickly mediated the situation.

“You’re too polite, Mr. Shen. Helping out charity is a responsibility of every resident of the Independent State.” Ye Wanwan was experienced in handling this kind of situation in China’s entertainment industry and lip service came as natural to her as breathing. Who cared how insincere these words sounded?

Patriarch Shen coughed lightly. “Ahem, President Bai is right…”

After a round of chatting, everyone sat in their seats, but the atmosphere felt like timed bombs were planted throughout the hall, and everyone sat on pins and needles.

They had no idea what in the world Bro Flattop came there to do.

“D*mn! She scared me to death! Why did Bro Flattop come here? Lord Asura’s been very busy lately, especially with befriending all the factions, so Lord Asura’s appearance can be reluctantly explained. However, Bro Flattop attending a charity banquet? There must be a great scheme!”

“Heavens, I want to go home…”

In the midst of everyone’s anxiety, Ye Wanwan swaggered inside and randomly found a seat.

Seconds after she sat down, a shadow was cast over her from the side. “Is someone sitting here?”

Ji Xiuran stood there with a gentle smile.

Seven Star was about to respond “Yes” when Ye Wanwan hastily shook her head. “No, no! Sit if you like!”

Seven Star:”…”

“Ah, Old Seven, why are you so tactless?!” Big Dipper shoved Seven Star to the side and attentively looked in a certain direction. “Um, esteemed Lord Asura! Here, here! There’s an empty spot here! Please sit!”

Lord Asura glanced at Big Dipper before turning to the empty seat. Then he peered at Ye Wanwan, the occupant next to that seat, and Emperor Ji, who was now sitting beside her.

Ye Wanwan raised her brows. She felt like a certain person was on the brink of murder from his fury, considering his personality, so he absolutely wouldn’t sit down.

However, a second later, the man directly walked toward her and really sat down on the chair next to her.

Ye Wanwan:

And so, the seating arrangement was Ye Wanwan sitting in the center with Ji Xiuran on the right and Lord Asura on the left.

This assembly was rather… spectacular…

Hence, everyone’s gazes had traces of shock and fright when they looked at the trio.

Almost nobody dared to sit close to those three. Only Shen Tianchen eagerly sat down across from Ye Wanwan. “Goddess, why didn’t you tell me ahead of time that you were going to come so that I could send someone to pick you up?! Oh right, Goddess, what did you donate tonight?”

Every attending guest was required to donate something, but Ye Wanwan didn’t make any preparations beforehand since it was a last-minute decision, so she had Seven Star randomly buy a bracelet for donation.

“A bracelet,” Ye Wanwan replied offhandedly.

Shen Tianchen’s eyes shone. “A bracelet? A closely-worn bracelet?! I will definitely win the bid even if I have to become broke!”

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