Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1892 - She can’t be here to crash the banquet, right?

Chapter 1892: She can’t be here to crash the banquet, right?

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Ye Wanwan’s voice wasn’t that quiet.

Seven Star’s face was utterly dark. “President! Speak carefully!”

“Ah, life is unpredictable and anything could happen. Who knows, right?” Ye Wanwan soothingly patted Seven Star’s shoulder.

Seven Star didn’t want to say anything.

All the leaders and powerful figures of the Independent State gathered inside the banquet hall.

A glance across the room revealed that the majority of the guests present were “prestigious and upright” figures.

Although the four great clans had good intentions, some atypical groups and organizations didn’t buy it and regarded an event like this disdainfully and wouldn’t attend it.

When Ji Xiuran appeared, everyone turned to him.

The Ji family dabbled on both sides of the law and thrived in every area, so they attended this event every year.

A wave of whispers and discussion ran through the venue.

“Have you heard? This time, Emperor Ji donated the ring he wears every day!”

“Really? Emperor Ji has been wearing that ring for as long as I’ve known him!”

“Usually, a closely-worn ring like this is either a keepsake or holds some special meaning, but Emperor Ji actually donated it for the charity auction. He seriously shelled out a fortune! No wonder he’s Emperor Ji; he’s too sincere!”

“Ahhh! I must win Emperor Ji’s ring tonight! No one is allowed to fight with me!” a girl wearing an aqua blue gown exclaimed enthusiastically.

The girl in pink next to him couldn’t help but rain on her parade. “Just forget it! I heard Third Miss Shen also has her eyes on this ring! Who can compete against the Shen family in terms of wealth? Moreover, her family happens to be the organizer and host of this year’s charity banquet, so the winner of this ring will definitely be Third Miss Shen!”

“How could she?! Isn’t that too much? She’s crushing us with money!”

“What can we do? We can’t stop the Shen family from being wealthy!”

The other socialites who also wanted to bid for this ring all complained with dissatisfied expressions.

In the banquet hall, all the big shots and celebrities were gathered in groups and conversing amongst themselves when someone suddenly cried quietly at the entrance. Silence enveloped the hall as though it had frozen.

A pair of slender legs entered their sight as a man in a black suit encased in frost slowly walked in.

Isn’t… isn’t this Lord Asura?

Why did Lord Asura come to this charity banquet?

Are we blind?

Even the organizer, the Shen family, was startled. The plump Patriarch Shen was in the middle of receiving Ji Xiuran. It took him a while to regain his wits before he hastily walked toward the entrance. “You honored us with your presence, Lord Asura!”

“You’re too polite, Uncle Shen.”

While everyone was immersed in their surprise about Lord Asura’s arrival, a girl in frayed and loose black clothes languidly strode in with a pair of flip-flops on her feet…

“D*mn… Bai… Bai Feng!”

“Bro Flattop!”

“What’s going on with this charity banquet? Even Bro Flattop is here? This is a joke, right?! Why is she here?”

“She can’t be here to crash the banquet, right?”

Although Asura had a more vicious and cruel reputation than the Fearless Alliance, Asura was an organized and disciplined savage group. On the other hand, the Fearless Alliance didn’t act according to logic or reason and were willing to do anything.

There was no question that it was the latter group that induced a bigger headache and that most people were unwilling to provoke.

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