Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1891 - Turned sick from longing

Chapter 1891 Turned sick from longing

Lin Que got halfway through his “tut” when he met his Ninth Brother’s icy, snowy eyes. He immediately closed his mouth and shut up.

The man enveloped by ice took a deep breath and wanted to suppress the storm that wanted to engulf him, but this time, he actually failed…

He stared at the girl in front of him, his tone barely concealing his fury. “I heard President Bai went to China. Why are you back so soon?”

Jiang Yan was shocked when he saw his Lord starting a conversation with Bai Feng out of his own volition.

His Lord had never acknowledged Bai Feng much.

Ye Wanwan appeared to become more elated from Lord Asura’s words. Her curved and shimmering eyes caused her naked face to look extremely radiant and alluring.

Ye Wanwan mockingly teased: “I originally wanted to stay in China longer, but unfortunately, I turned sick from longing for a person, so I couldn’t help but come flying back.”

She intentionally emphasized the words “turned sick from longing” and cheerfully stared at his face.

Big Dipper:

Seven Star:

I knew it! The President would definitely talk without thinking as soon as she saw Lord Asura!

Didn’t she see how Lord Asura looks extremely displeased? Why couldn’t she rein it in a bit?

Next to Si Yehan, Lin Que grumbled quietly, “Eh? Turned sick from longing for a person? Who?”

As the atmosphere grew tenser, a gentle voice appeared from behind them. “President Bai.”

Ye Wanwan turned to the source and felt her little heart warming a few degrees from Lord Asura’s chilly breeze when she saw the newcomer’s kind and gentle face. She waved her hand and greeted him. “Ah, Emperor Ji! What a coincidence!”

She then added casually, “I’ve missed you from our long days apart.”

Lin Que’s eyes shot open, and he blurted, “He’s that girl’s reason for ‘turning sick from longing’?”

Don’t tell me that girl really took a fancy to Ji Xiuran?!

Of course, she could also covet both Lord Asura and Ji Xiuran…

Lin Que kept glancing at Lord Asura with trepidation as he grumbled.

What a sin! Regardless of this girl’s reason for returning to the Independent State, the grassland above Ninth Brother’s head was so fertile that horses could stampede across it…

Ji Xiuran imperceptibly glanced at Lord Asura before looking at Ye Wanwan and said with a smile, “A coincidence indeed. Are you also here to attend the banquet, President Bai?”

Ye Wanwan heard the surprise in Ji Xiuran’s voice and explained, “Yeah! There happens to be something I’m interested in amongst tonight’s auction items.”

“Something you’re interested in?” Ji Xiuran asked.

Ye Wanwan coughed lightly. “Hehe, yeah!”

“May I ask what item struck President Bai’s fancy?” Ji Xiuran looked intrigued.

Ye Wanwan’s lips twitched. It wasn’t like she could say “I want your closely worn ring”, right? It sounded weird no matter how she said it.

“Ahem, nothing, nothing…” Ye Wanwan couldn’t make herself say it.

“Ahem, um, Ninth Brother…”

Lin Que wanted to say something but discovered Lord Asura had disappeared from his side and started entering the banquet hall already, so he hastily followed.

“Hmph, vixen!” Jiang Yan also quickly followed.

Ye Wanwan exasperatedly glanced at Jiang Yan. “Pft, can’t this guy… use a different name? Can’t he be more creative? One day, I’ll make you change it to Madam Asura…”

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