Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1890 - Even a honey-pot trap isn’t effective?

Chapter 1890 Even a honey-pot trap isn’t effective?

Seven Star lost all desire to respond to Big Dipper’s point of emphasis.

Ye Wanwan propped her head and glanced at them. “What are you two mumbling about?”

As they spoke, the car arrived in front of the banquet hall. Ye Wanwan straightened her clothes and stepped out of the car.

To preserve the last of the Fearless Alliance’s face and pride, Ye Wanwan didn’t wear any formal attire and stayed in her carefree outfit.

When Seven Star saw Ye Wanwan about to enter, he hastily walked forward and blocked Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, wait…” “What is it?” Ye Wanwan sent Seven Star a questioning look.

“Sis Feng, we really aren’t suited for this kind of setting. I think…”

Before Seven Star could finish, Ye Wanwan’s gaze shot past him and fixated on a point behind him.

“Sis Feng?”

Ye Wanwan’s attention seemed to be completely sucked by some force behind Seven Star. She extended her hands and directly moved Seven Star to the side, a smile curling on her lips. She jubilantly called, “Hey, Lord Asura! Long time no see!”

Seven Star froze and turned around robotically. A black car had parked in front of the banquet hall, and Lord Asura was expressionlessly standing there like a block of ice from the Arctic with a normal looking servant and Jiang Yan next to him.

Seven Star didn’t know whether it was his imagination or not, but he felt like Lord Asura shattered like ice the moment he saw their President and the air around Lord Asura froze.

Even the slow-witted Big Dipper subconsciously shuddered. “Eh, why do I feel like Lord Asura is a little… angry at our President…?”

But it couldn’t be blamed. Any beauty who was constantly pestered by a lecherous character would understandably become angry and outraged.

However, Ye Wanwan, the culprit, acted like she didn’t sense anything and continued to greet him with a grin. “Ah, sir, why don’t you look so good? Who provoked you?”

Crack after crack appeared on that eternally-unchanging icy face, as though he would lose control in the next second. Flames were leaping from his frosty eyes.

“You…” the man uttered between gritted teeth. He had to use all of the self-control he had to stabilize his emotions so that he didn’t chomp this woman, who appeared in the Independent State and showed up in front of him, to death.

“F*ck me, Ye Wanwan… why… why is she back in the Independent State…?” Lin Que silently cursed, flabbergasted.

As for Jiang Yan, he automatically interpreted his Lord’s attitude as detest toward Ye Wanwan, so he coldly walked forward and stopped Ye Wanwan. “Please respect yourself, President Bai.”

Lin Que couldn’t help it and leaned forward, quietly whispering next to Si Yehan’s ears, “D*mn! Seriously… A person would rather believe there are ghosts in this world than listening to the words coming out of Ye Wanwan’s mouth! She spun you around in circles with her beguiling words! She docilely agreed on the phone a second ago but appeared in front of you a second later! When I was young, my mom told me that the more beautiful a woman, the less credible her words were! It’s really true, tut tut tut…”

He never would’ve expected Ninth Brother to make a blunder and miscalculation one day.

What happened exactly? Even a honey-pot trap isn’t effective anymore?

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