Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1889 - Image will collapse

Chapter 1889 Image will collapse

After returning from the Nie residence, Ye Wanwan didn’t hurry and return to the Academy to submit her missions. Instead, she planned to wait until the charity auction finished in three days, after she won Emperor Ji’s personal ring, before submitting all those completed missions together.

The next few days, she took care of all the paperwork for the Fearless Alliance that had piled up during her absence and studied the newly issued missions from Scarlet Flames Academy to see if there were any quick missions she could accept.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the auction arrived.

This annual charity auction was one of the largest banquets in the Independent State. It was organized by the four great clans—the Shen, the Ji, the Nie, and the Ling clans—and all the leaders and renowned people of the Independent State were invited.

They adhered to the principle “Love and charity are borderless,” so the invited guests weren’t restricted by which side of the law they were on or their sects and factions.

Hence, even a notorious organization like the Fearless Alliance was given an invitation by the four great clans.

However, with the Fearless Alliance’s temperament, they naturally wouldn’t attend such an uncharacteristic charity auction.

Their Fearless Alliance also had the baggage of an idol.

On their way there, Big Dipper kept staring at the invitation and grumbling, “Ah, Sis Feng, do we really have to go to this charity auction? Our Fearless Alliance’s image will collapse!”

When the Fearless Alliance typically wanted to do something good, they directly stuffed the money in that person’s hands and the person had to take it whether they wanted to or not, or else they would receive a round of beatings. Who would attend this kind of monotonous charity banquet?

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes at him. “Enough nonsense! Did you figure out when Emperor Ji’s ring will be auctioned?” Big Dipper pursed his lips. “Who needs to dig into this? It’ll definitely be the climax, arranged toward the end…”

Ye Wanwan did some research about the event before coming.

The Independent State’s charity auction was similarly structured to China’s charity auctions.

Essentially, a prestigious brand name or organization invited celebrities of all circles to attend.

The invited celebrities would each donate at least one item that would be auctioned by the attending guests and the funds obtained from the auction would be donated.

There would be all sorts of items ranging from valuable and precious accessories and jewels to personal items of famous people like clothes, fountain pens or even used handkerchiefs. The prices for these everyday items depended on their owner.

For example, Emperor Ji’s ring. As the heir of the Ji family, one of the four great clans, and the Emperor of Europe’s underground with the title “Emperor Ji,” Ji Xiuran had an immensely high popularity and prestige in the Independent State. Hence, as one of the top treasures of the night, the ring would certainly be the focus of many people and be very popular and sought after.

However, what they probably couldn’t have expected was for a bandit boss to appear tonight…

Seven Star looked unhappy the entire journey, and his expression darkened further after he took a call midway through the ride.

“What’s up with you, Old Seven? Why do you look so unhappy? Are you also afraid of humiliating yourself? How about we conceal our faces together?”

Seven Star’s eye kept twitching, and he dismally said, “We can’t let the President go. I just got news that Lord Asura will attend tonight too.”

Emperor Ji alone was enough to raise his nerves and set him on edge. But adding Lord Asura into the mix… Who knew what havoc Sis Feng would wreak?

Big Dipper’s eyes shot open. “F*ck me! Lord Asura is also going? That’s great! Our Fearless Alliance won’t be at the bottom anymore!”

Asura coming to this kind of event would definitely be more shocking than the Fearless Alliance! This way, they wouldn’t be as humiliated…

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