Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1905 - What happened to not being bewitched by looks?

Chapter 1905: What happened to not being bewitched by looks?

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On the trip back in the car:

Seven Star seemed to have finally understood something. “Sis Feng, what did you mean just now…? Did you bid for Emperor Ji’s ring to exchange it for Scarlet Flames Academy’s honor points?”

Ye Wanwan’s face was dark as the ocean, and the fire in her eyes burst to the heavens. She looked like a merchant who came home with a prosperous load but encountered bandits during her journey and was robbed of everything she had. She enunciated each word carefully: “Obtaining Emperor Ji’s personal ring, S-rank mission, 10,000 honor points.”

Yes, and then it all flew out of her hands.

Realization dawned on Big Dipper. “So you were aiming for honor points, Sis Feng!”

“What else? Do I look a lecherous and tyrannical monarch who ignores her duties, pranks her officials, and gets bewitched by looks all day long?” Ye Wanwan snapped brusquely.

Out of an overwhelming desire to survive, Big Dipper didn’t act suicidally for once and said, “I did think that originally, but after today, I will reflect on my previous misunderstandings of you, Sis Feng. Being lecherous is merely your facade and disguise. In reality, you’re the most logical, wisest, most thoughtful of the circumstances, and most strategic brilliant ruler!”

Ye Wanwan jovially accepted Big Dipper’s accolade of praises.

Much better…

The car drove onward smoothly and happened to pass by a roadside stall that had a lot of handicrafts hooked by red strings displayed.

Ye Wanwan called out to the driving Seven Star, “Wait, Seven Star, stop the car. Go out and help me buy a red string from the owner.”

“Sis Feng, do you want to buy a pendant?” Seven Star inquired.

“No, I just want a piece of string.”

“Alright.” Seven Star didn’t know what Ye Wanwan wanted the red string for but left the car to buy it anyway. Seven Star politely communicated with the owner, a middle-aged woman, and quickly returned to the car. “How did it go? Did you buy it?” Ye Wanwan asked.

Seven Star handed the red string to Ye Wanwan. “The owner gave it for free.”

Ye Wanwan happily patted Seven Star’s cheeks. “Nice, nice! Good job!”

Seven Star pursed his lips with a slightly abashed expression.

Big Dipper instantly grumbled. “It was just a piece of string. If I went, I would’ve conned a ball out of her!”

Ye Wanwan rolled her eyes.

“However, Sis Feng, why did you tell Old Seven to buy this lousy, worthless piece of string?” Big Dipper asked curiously. Seven Star also looked puzzled.

Ye Wanwan didn’t reply and calmly pulled out the black velvet box from her pocket.

Big Dipper’s eyes brightened the second he saw this box. Lord Asura’s cufflinks!

That was 100 million! 100 million!

“Sis Feng, did you finally decide to sell it? I knew it! You must’ve not sold it to Third Miss Shen just now because you wanted to sell it to someone else for a higher price. For these cufflinks, I don’t think it’d be a problem if you raised the price some more and sold it for 200 million! You’re truly too brilliant, Sis Feng…”

In the midst of Big Dipper’s onslaught, Ye Wanwan pulled out the obsidian cufflinks and strung them together with the red string before wearing it around her neck.

“What do you think? Look good?” Ye Wanwan’s fair and delicate fingers gently ran over the cufflinks as she lazily asked with a raise of her brows.

Big Dipper:

200 million! How could it not be good-looking?

What happened to not being lecherous and tyrannical? What happened to not being a terrible ruler? What happened to not being bewitched by looks?

Thank goodness she didn’t win Ji Xiuran’s ring. If she got it, would she wear Emperor Ji’s ring on her hand and Lord Asura’s cufflinks around her neck?

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