Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1884 - Return to the Independent State

Chapter 1884 Return to the Independent State

“President, I arranged for them to go back first,” Third Elder answered as he stepped forward. “They were missing from the Independent State for too long and missed home a lot. Plus, they weren’t in a good state, so…”

“Nicely done.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

Third Elder smiled and glanced at First Elder provocatively.

At the Independent State’s airport:

The plane steadily descended and landed. After switching several planes and taking two ferries, Ye Wanwan and her group finally arrived at the Independent State.

As soon as Ye Wanwan reached the Independent State, she released herself from her shackles and tossed aside her sunglasses, face mask, black haute couture windbreaker, and the brand-name necklace on her neck. She switched into the loose and ragged black martial arts clothes she typically wore in the Independent State as well as a pair of flip- flops.

Ah, not having the burden of an idol felt rather nice.

In China, she had to maintain her appearance in front of her artists and her fans.

Ye Wanwan couldn’t help but chuckle when she thought about this.

Once upon a time, when she first came to the Independent State, she still remembered how she had to tread on thin ice and lived every second in trepidation. Every word she spoke had to undergo careful deliberation.

Now, within a mere few months, she went from an illegal stowaway outsider to gradually adapting to life here and started living like a fish in water.

It was true. Even if her memory was tampered with, something that was in her bones couldn’t be changed.

At the same time at Asura’s headquarters:

In the garden, Lin Que languidly sat on a rattan chair and drank some tea before saying to the man who was reading documents next to him, “Ah, what a feat, what a feat! Congratulations, Ninth Brother, you finally took care of that girl!”

They originally thought it would be a series of tribulations, but they didn’t expect Ninth Brother to take care of it just by showing his face.

Lin Que bootlickingly flattered, “You’re still awesome, Ninth Brother. As soon as you appeared, you managed to make that girl listen to you with your face alone!”

Before they left, they called Ye Wanwan again to make sure and confirm that she wouldn’t leave China before resting easy and leaving themselves.

Si Yehan looked at Lin Que on this rare occasion, evidently in a good mood.

“Inform Jiang Yan and summon all the branch heads. We’re having a meeting in the afternoon,” Si Yehan ordered.

Lin Que sighed. “As soon as you come back, you work nonstop with no regard for your life and only sleep two to three hours every night. Are you trying to become an immortal?!”

He suddenly missed that girl. At least she was someone who dared to force him to sleep…

Ye Wanwan and her group took the special channel, so they quickly reached the airport arrivals area.

“Ah! I hadn’t had enough fun yet, but we’re back already!” Big Dipper grumbled regretfully.

Seven Star rolled his eyes at Big Dipper and ignored him. He swiftly reported everything that happened in the Fearless Alliance while they were gone and her upcoming agenda.

“En en en…” Ye Wanwan just woke up on the airplane and was a little dazed still. She scratched her hair and absentmindedly listened before saying. “Alright, alright, got it! Oh right, Seven Star, any news on the matter I had you investigate regarding Emperor Ji?”

Her main reasons for going to China were helping out her father and brother and searching for traces of Si Yehan. As for the academy’s mission, she only finished the A-rank mission of destroying the defected mercenaries’ organization to obtain 5,000 honor points.

At the Scarlet Flames Academy’s competition last time, she obtained 5,000 points for breaking the record and 10,000 points for winning first place at the competition. Combined with the 10,000 points from finishing two A-rank missions, she had a total of 25,000 points.

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