Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1883 - Do as the natives do

Chapter 1883 Do as the natives do

“That actually happened…?” Ye Shaoting was bewildered. He had met Ye Wanwan’s friends and the two scholarly elderly men, and they didn’t look like ordinary people.

Ye Shaoting didn’t completely believe Ye Wanwan’s explanation, thinking it sounded overly hasty. However, there was nothing false about the fact that Ye Wanwan was the owner of Stars Corporation. As for how Ye Wanwan became its owner, Ye Shaoting didn’t bother wasting his words since Ye Wanwan didn’t seem willing to talk.

“Dad, no more chit chat, I have to go now… or I might miss my flight.”

Ye Wanwan bid farewell to Ye Shaoting and Liang Wanjun and pulled her suitcase away.

Outside the door, Big Dipper, Seven Star, and the others had been waiting for an unknown amount of time.

After leaving Golden Seas, Seven Star turned to Ye Wanwan. “Sis Feng, about your mission from Scarlet Flames Academy…”

“That’s right! Didn’t you come here to complete that mission to eradicate defected mercenaries from Scarlet Flames Academy?” Big Dipper also asked hastily.

Ye Wanwan was startled and looked at Seven Star and Big Dipper. “Didn’t we eradicate them…?”

Everyone had an odd expression when they heard that. We eradicated them…? When was that? Why weren’t we aware…

Ye Wanwan pulled out her phone and looked at yesterday’s news as she murmured, “They should be considered eradicated, right?”

The news reported that the Chinese police destroyed a criminal group and the informant was Si Bayi, and this criminal group was Si Bayi’s base for the Lawless Gang in China.

The news article featured several photos of the arrested Lawless Gang members, and Ye Wanwan confirmed it with the photos she got from Scarlet Flames Academy. They were all defected mercenaries.

Si Bayi previously admitted that the Lawless Gang took in many defected mercenaries from the Independent State, so those defected mercenaries naturally became a part of the Lawless Gang.

“D*mn, the Lawless Gang is finished just like that? What a novelty!” Big Dipper couldn’t stop his amazement as he read the news article.

First Elder shook his head. “China is a powerful country… No matter how fearsome the Lawless Gang was, they had limited manpower, so they’d be asking for death if they wanted to fight with the police… Unless the police were empty-handed and unarmed. Otherwise, with hundreds and thousands of guns pointed at you… what else would you be but dead if you dared to resist?”

Ye Wanwan glanced at First Elder. First Elder was truly a wise person. After coming to China, they were in someone else’s territory, so you had to follow the rules and do as the natives did. If you violated China’s rules, no one would joke around with you.

Ye Wanwan put the phone back in her pocket. She didn’t know whether Scarlet Flames Academy would acknowledge this or not…

Soon, they arrived at the airport and boarded the plane after some chatting. They reserved the whole plane again.

On the enormous plane, there was only a total of five people: Ye Wanwan, Big Dipper, Seven Star, First Elder, and Third Elder.

“Where are the others?” Ye Wanwan surveyed the plane’s interior curiously.

“President, I arranged for them to remain in China and protect Liang Wanjun, Ye Mufan, and the others. There will be two teams changing shifts every three months. This time, I didn’t have them come back with us to give them some time to familiarize themselves with China’s situation,” First Elder answered.

Ye Wanwan nodded in satisfaction. As expected, she could count on First Elder, and he knew her well.

“Hmph, I also thought about that; you just got there before me,” Third Elder grumbled with displeasure.

“Oh right, where are those Fearless Alliance members held hostage by the Lawless Gang?” Ye Wanwan asked another question.

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