Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1882 - You have to use some tricks on men

Chapter 1882 You have to use some tricks on men

Ye Mufan glanced at Ye Wanwan and lightly bumped her shoulder with a laugh. “Actually… You have to use some tricks on men, and a man like Si Yehan requires extra techniques. Sister, I’m telling you, that I, your brother, am endowed with immense advantages and extensive experience in this area. Do you want me to give you some tips…?”

Ye Wanwan’s expression was strange when she heard this. Endowed with immense advantages and extensive experience… Why does something sound odd about that…?

“I didn’t realize you studied men so much,” Ye Wanwan blurted out.

Liang Wanjun and Ye Shaoting glanced at Ye Mufan.

Ye Shaoting admonished him: “Don’t meddle in this and mess things up for your sister. How can a man like you say this kind of thing without any shame?”

Liang Wanjun looked worried. “Mufan… Don’t tell me… you don’t like girls?”

The corners of Ye Mufan’s lips twitched. “I’m a man, so I know a man best… Is there a problem with that…? How does it have anything to do with whether I like girls or not?”

“That’s good.” Only then did Liang Wanjun relax.

“Sis, I’m telling you… Approaching a man requires a lot of tricks, especially for a man like Si Yehan. You need to play hard to get and view it like flying a kite, keeping a good grasp on your rhythm and loosening or tightening the string skillfully…”

However, before Ye Mufan could finish, Ye Wanwan coldly interrupted: “How about I turn you into a kite?”

Does he think all men are as scummy as him?

“Forget it; loyal advice is jarring to the ear, so I’ll drop it. But sis, if Si Yehan bullies you, don’t be scared. Tell me and I’ll definitely pummel him to the ground!” Ye Mufan declared.

Who knows who’ll be the one pummeled to the ground?

“Alright alright, even food can’t keep your mouth shut. Hurry and eat.” Ye Shaoting chuckled.

Complicated emotions gushed into Ye Wanwan’s heart as she watched this harmonious scene, especially with the truth in mind.

Although she didn’t feel estranged from this family, her parents, and her brother at all, she still wasn’t the true Ye Wanwan.

Ye Wanwan didn’t know if she should reveal the truth or how she should tell them the true Ye Wanwan died many years ago. Could her parents and Ye Mufan handle the truth…?

The next day:

Ye Wanwan was eating breakfast in the living room. Liang Wanjun had packed all her luggage for her already, bought a lot of new clothes for her and stored them in the suitcase. Aside from clothes, there was also a lot of food.

A mother couldn’t help but worry about their journeying child. That was how it always was.

“Mom, no need to prepare so many things! I can buy whatever I need later,” Ye Wanwan said to Liang Wanjun as she accepted the suitcase •

“Nonsense. Preparing everything ahead of time is better than fretting over it when it’s missing during your travels.” Ye Shaoting put down his book.

“Dad, I understand.” Ye Wanwan had no choice but to accept.

“Oh right… Wanwan, I have something I’ve been meaning to ask you…” Ye Shaoting looked at her and asked, “How did you become the owner of Stars Corporation…?”

“Dad, it’s a long story. I actually don’t have a lot of shares in Stars Corporation, but those friends of mine have a good amount, and… everyone thinks I have a decent mind for business… So they listen to me a lot…” Ye Wanwan concocted a random tale.

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