Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1885 - Couldn’t you be more tactful?

Chapter 1885 Couldn’t you be more tactful?

However, a single hypnosis session from the headmaster would cost her 50,000 honor points, and after using all her points, she still owed the headmaster 25,000. She required a total of four hypnosis sessions, so she still ^ acquire 175,000 honor points—an astronomical number.

She had to hurry and think of a way to acquire enough honor points!

Seven Star’s face darkened and his brows furrowed. “Sis Feng, I don’t think you should interact too closely with that sir.”

Ye Wanwan felt a headache rising as she heard Seven Star starting to nag again. “If you don’t look into it for me, I’ll walk through the Ji Estate’s entrance and ask him myself!”

Seven Star’s expression froze. He pursed his lips and had no choice but to answer. “I don’t know the history behind the ring that Emperor Ji always wears. It should just be an ordinary accessory though since I just heard the news that the auction item Emperor Ji is donating for the charity auction in three days happens to be that ring.”

If it was a very important item, he probably wouldn’t offer it up for an auction.

Ye Wanwan’s eyes brightened. “Great!”

The heavens were seriously helping her!

Her honor points still drifted in the distance, and she was just fretting over how she was going to gather them!

She originally intended to spend some money and buy it from Emperor Ji if it wasn’t anything too important.

Since Emperor Ji happened to be donating the ring for charity, she could use this chance to buy it.

Obtaining a personal ring from Emperor Ji was an S-rank mission, so this ring alone could provide 10,000 honor points, which was a considerable amount.

“Sis Feng, what are you planning to do?” Seven Star asked, raising his guard.

Ye Wanwan scratched her chin and confidently proclaimed, “We’ll go to the charity auction in three days! That ring will be mine!”

Big Dipper’s eyes shone as he clicked his tongue. “Don’t tell me, Sis Feng. You fooled that Patriarch Si and hastily rushed back because of Emperor Ji! Bidding for his personal ring at a charity auction to collect it… Tsk tsk tsk, isn’t that the same as confessing publicly…?”

Seven Star’s head pounded upon seeing his president’s old habits kicking in again. He hastily tried to convince her: “Sis Feng, there will be many wealthy women and socialites attending that day, and the price for Emperor Ji’s personal ring will definitely skyrocket. The Fearless Alliance’s recent expenses have been too great, so I’m afraid… we can’t afford it.”

“1885 Couldn^ you be more tactful?

Ye Wanwan raised her eyebrows. “I know we can’t afford it! But isn’t this an auction?”

Seven Star expressed his incomprehension.

Big Dipper instantly hooked his arm around Seven Star’s shoulder. “Old Seven, are you dumb? If Bro Flattop, the President of the Fearless Alliance, went to an auction and bidded on something, who would dare to bid with her? Even if she started the bid at one dollar, no one would try to outbid her… Sis Feng attending an auction is the equivalent of robbing someone openly…”

Seven Star:

Ye Wanwan:

Although I also thought that, can’t you say it more tactfully?

Big Dipper was right though—who would dare to contend with President Fearless for what she wanted? That would be knowingly seeking trouble for themselves! Ye Wanwan planned to express her shamelessness to the max. In light of regaining her memory, she wouldn’t lose anything by being a little shameless.

Soon, the group made their way toward the Fearless Alliance.

The Fearless Alliance’s headquarters:

Ye Wanwan sauntered into her office.

“Great White…Little Black…”

As soon as Ye Wanwan entered the office, she saw the white tiger and black panther curled up together, black melting into white harmoniously.

When Virus caught sight of her, he instantly got up and climbed on his hind legs, pouncing at her with excitement in his eyes.

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