Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 188: She's not an ugly freak

Chapter 188: She's not an ugly freak

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After he was helped up by Ye Wanwan, he stuck to her, putting all his weight on her shoulders with his rapid breaths blowing on her neck.

Under all the jealous and hateful stares, Ye Wanwan really felt like tossing him to the crowd. Why don't all of you carry him since you want it so much? I can't afford this beauty myself !

In a flurry, she finally got him to the sickbay.

The school's doctor quickly administered a puffer on Si Xia and performed a general checkup.

"39.5 degrees, he's burning--he needs to be on the drip! He probably suffered a big shock and over-exerted himself. He has to rest well now and remember not to be agitated or tire himself out again!" the doctor warned sternly.

Uh, high fever, trauma, over-exertion...

Upon hearing the doctor's words, Ye Wanwan felt more and more guilty. He wasn't faking it, he really was sick...

Traumatized? How long did this guy stay by the lake last night?

At the school's clinic, Cheng Xue and her clique were there waiting. There was also a large group of girls standing outside. Seeing how weak and frail Si Xia was, a group of young girls were all crying, their hearts aching for him.

The school doctor had a headache from all the noise as he glared at them, "He only has a fever and an asthma attack, do you guys have to act as if someone died? Don't crowd around here, it's very stuffy with so many of you here and you could affect the patients. All of you, leave! Only one person can stay behind!"

After hearing what the school doctor said, Cheng Xue looked at Si Xia eagerly. The other girls didn't seem keen on leaving either.

As for Ye Wanwan, she dragged this guy all the way here and her arms were on the verge of breaking. After making sure that he was in stable condition, she was ready to leave stealthily.

It was obvious that this wasn't a place she should stay for long.

But who would've guessed that just as she stepped away, someone squeezed her wrist.

The second she lowered her head, she saw a pale, almost transparent hand grabbing the corner of her top.

On the narrow bed, Si Xia looked at her like he was being abandoned and protested, "Where are you going?"

Ye Wanwan: "..."

Damn! That's enough, stop acting!!!

Si Xia continued tugging onto Ye Wanwan's sleeves as he turned to the other girls and ordered with an unwelcoming tone, "All of you, get out."

"Why's he like that..."

"Why Ye Wanwan, the ugly freak again! Annoying!"

All the girls stomped their feet in anger but since the hunk had spoken, they could only leave grudgingly, complaining all the while.

Cheng Xue was shaking in anger by the bedside, completely enraged with fury. Finally, she couldn't hold it in any longer as she turned to Si Xia and asked, enunciating each word carefully, "Si Xia! Do you know what you're doing? Don't tell me you've really fallen for this ugly freak!"

A bitterness appeared from beneath Si Xia's eyes, "Take back what you just said."

Cheng Xue was stunned, take back what I just said?

Does this mean Si Xia is in love with Ye Wanwan?

It's impossible! How could Si Xia fall for Ye Wanwan?! He must be hiding something!

Just as she had that thought, she heard Si Xia speaking, enunciating each word carefully to her, "She's not an ugly freak."

Cheng Xue was on the verge of spewing blood out, "Si Xia! I think you've really lost your mind!"

"Ye Wanwan, don't celebrate too early!" Cheng Xue shoved Ye Wanwan aside and ran away.

Ye Wanwan wanted to chase after her but since her sleeve was being tugged at, she could only stretch her hand out in despair, "Ay, don't leave me alone here, babe..."

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