Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 189: Why won't he listen?!

Chapter 189: Why won't he listen?!

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Imperial City, Si Corporation:

After Xu Yi answered a call, his face changed as he opened the office door anxiously, "9th master, the school just called; they said that young master Si Xia had a relapse!"

When Si Ye Han heard that, he looked up from the pile of documents and said with a straight face, "Prepare the car."

"Yes!" Xu Yi was surprised.

Young master Si Xia was mischievous and rebellious; he didn't even listen to his parents so the old madam specifically instructed the master to look after him. If anything happened to him, master was responsible or else he might raise the old madam's suspicions again.

At Qing He, only the principal and a handful of top management knew about Si Xia's identity.

Hearing that Si Ye Han would be making a trip down personally, the principal went to the gates and awaited his arrival. When he arrived, he even accompanied Si Ye Han to the sickbay himself.

"Why would he have a relapse when he was doing just fine?" Xu Yi asked.

The principal wiped his sweat, afraid that he'd be blamed for not taking proper care of Si Xia and replied hastily, "This... this was... because he had a little fright during the rehearsal..."

"Had a little fright?" Xu Yi didn't understand, how could he have a fright during rehearsal?

The principal replied nervously, as he was put on the spot, "The girl that he acts with, she looks a bit frightening..."

Xu Yi: "Uh..."

That girl wouldn't happen to be... Ms Ye right...

"How is he?" Si Ye Han asked.

"He's not in any danger right now. He just has a slight fever; he's on a drip."

Qing He, sickbay:

After everybody had left, there was only Ye Wanwan and Si Xia left in the sickbay staring at each other.

Si Xia refused to release his grip on her sleeves so Ye Wanwan had no choice but to speak up, "What? Do you want to go to the little forest with me again?"

I didn't want to agitate him, seeing that he's sick at first...

The moment she said that, the fingers gripping tightly onto her were released instantly with a swoosh.

Ye Wanwan was very satisfied with the result. She withdrew her arm and said, "I already made myself very clear last night; don't waste your energy anymore!"

Xu Yi and his master had just arrived at the door of the sickbay when a familiar voice came through. This voice... seems to belong to Ye Wanwan!

Oh no! Why is she here too?

Xu Yi's expression changed and immediately after that, Si Xia's agitated voice was heard, "Ye Wanwan! Are you really in love with Si Ye Han?"

When Xu Yi heard that question, the cold sweat on his forehead came trickling down.

Why did we have to come at such a time!

He was too careless--he should've checked the situation over here first, knowing that Ye Wanwan and Si Xia were in the same school.

Inside, Ye Wanwan sighed, "I've already said this over eight hundred times, how many times do you want me to repeat it? My relationship with your 9th uncle is stronger than gold and our love is like a rock. Unless the mountain becomes flat, unless all the rivers are parched, unless there's thunder in winter, unless there's snow in summer, unless heaven and earth collide--only then would I reject him!

Xu Yi at the door: "..."

This Ye Wanwan's getting more and more crafty!

However, young master Si Xia isn't one to hold back if he has the intention to come between them...

Xu Yi didn't dare to relax at all. As he was fretting, sure enough, he heard Si Xia's mocking laugh, "Ye Wanwan, do you even believe in what you said? Tsk, you like him? What do you like about him? His power? Or that face of his? You think I don't know that you weren't willing at all? And the way you dress, you're just trying to scare him off, right?"

Damn! Ye Wanwan muttered a curse-- this brat is definitely hard to deal with !

Her cover had been exposed just like that.

The veins on Ye Wanwan's forehead popped out. All her patience had run out as she yelled at him, "Avoid him, my ass! You brat! Why won't you believe me!? Must I bring Si Ye Han over here now and have sex with him in front of you for you to believe me?!"

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