Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 187: Implicated even when she's lying in the coffin

Chapter 187: Implicated even when she's lying in the coffin

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The rehearsal ended with a weird atmosphere.

Aside from staring at her, Si Xia didn't do anything else so Ye Wanwan didn't have a good excuse to flare up at him.

Ye Wanwan finally got to the end of rehearsal and just as she was about to run off, Si Xia fainted onto the ground without any warning, right after they rehearsed the final kissing scene.

"Si Xia——"

"Ah! God! Si Xia has fainted!"

"Someone get help!"

There were repeated screams and shouts. It was total chaos as everyone started crowding around Si Xia.

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded and felt terribly guilty.

What's up with this guy now?

Ye Wanwan laid in the crystal coffin and glanced at Si Xia through the gaps in the crowd. She saw that he was pale, curled up on the floor in pain and his breathing became quicker.

Ye Wanwan was stunned. It doesn't seem like he's faking it...

"Oh my god! What happened to Si Xia? He was fine just now--why's he like that all of a sudden?"

"Si Xia's having an asthma attack!" Cheng Xue said anxiously.

"Si Xia has asthma? Hurry, check whether he has any medication on him!"

"I checked it already, there isn't any! He hasn't had an attack for quite some time already, why did it have to happen now?!"

"Damn it! Do you need to ask? It must be that ugly freak, Ye Wanwan, giving him a scare! Quick, send him to the nurse!"

Ye Wanwan at the side: "..."

Um, excuse me, how did I get implicated even when I'm just lying in the coffin?

In the midst of the chaos, Cheng Xue and another girl quickly prepared to bring Si Xia to the school nurse.

But then, a "pa" resounded in the air.

Si Xia shoved Cheng Xue's hand away. He panted while he looked towards Ye Wanwan with those suffering but glistening eyes, "Wanwan... Wanwan take me..."

Damn! He's still at it!?

Cheng Xue's hands stiffened and she stared at Ye Wanwan with sullen eyes.

At first, she didn't care about Ye Wanwan at all. After all, it's very common for women of this type to be jealous, but who knew what this ugly freak did to Si Xia that made him so smitten with her!

Under everyone's gaze, Cheng Xue was slapped once again. Her expression was one moment green and the next moment white. She took a long time before swallowing her anger as she glared at Ye Wanwan fiercely, "Ugly freak! Didn't you hear Si Xia calling you?"

Cheng Xue's little sidekicks chimed in as well, "Get over here right now! If it wasn't for you, why would Si Xia have a relapse?"

Everyone started blaming Ye Wanwan.

Although she felt she was totally innocent this time, she suddenly recalled that an asthmatic person shouldn't do any vigorous exercises and couldn't have fluctuating emotions.

When she found out from Cheng Xue that Si Xia hadn't had a relapse for a long time aside from the serious and sudden relapse today, could it be because... he had too much of a shock last night?

Anyway, there'd been something wrong with him starting from the beginning of the day. He seemed distracted like he had a big shock.


With this thought, Ye Wanwan felt a little guilty.

Watching Si Xia having more and more difficulty with his breathing to the point where it was almost life-threatening, she stopped thinking and quickly jumped out of the crystal coffin, grabbed his arm and helped him up...

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