Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 186: That unnerving stare

Chapter 186: That unnerving stare

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Cheng Xue was already dressed in the queen's costume. Her makeup and costume made her small face seem even more delicate and beautiful.

Other than the fangirls waiting for Si Xia by the side, there was also a big group of boys supporting the beauty queen, Cheng Xue. At this moment, they all crowded around her like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon, praising her and taking photos of her.

Cheng Xue wasn't interested at all in these boys who were attempting to win her over. Instead, she kept looking in the direction of the entrance.

When the person she'd been waiting for finally appeared, Cheng Xue's eyes lit up instantly as she lifted her skirt up and walked over, "Si Xia! You're here!"

She blushed a little and looked at him with a look of expectation.

However, Si Xia didn't even glance at her dress that had aroused the attention of plenty of boys. His gaze scanned over everyone and landed straight on the girl behind the crowd, Ye Wanwan.

Cheng Xue followed Si Xia's gaze and looked towards Ye Wanwan. She gritted her teeth in anger.

What's so good about that ugly freak that she deserves such special treatment from him?

"Si Xia, do I look good in this costume?" Cheng Xue tugged at his arm and twirled, trying to get his attention.

But Si Xia didn't react.

Cheng Xue's face stiffened, "Si Xia, what're you looking at?"

Si Xia seemed very distracted like he'd sunk deep into his own world but in Cheng Xue's eyes, he seemed to be looking at Ye Wanwan in a daze.

How could Cheng Xue tolerate him ogling at another woman right in front of her? She raised her voice unhappily, "Si Xia... Si Xia..."

Si Xia's distracted expression suddenly darkened, a chill seeping beneath his eyes, "Shut up, you're being really noisy."

Cheng Xue's opened her eyes wide in shock; she couldn't believe that Si Xia would actually raise his voice at her with this attitude.

"You..." Cheng Xue's lips trembled as she pushed the crowd away and ran with red eyes.

"Little Xue! Little Xue!"

Cheng Xue's sidekicks glanced at Si Xia then glared at Ye Wanwan and hurriedly chased after Cheng Xue.

In a moment, the atmosphere in the hall froze.

The girls who'd been so exhilarated when they saw Si Xia started retreating in fear.

Uh, the hunk seems to be in a bad mood today. Even Cheng Xue got on his bad side. We'd better stay far away!

This was the first time they saw this expression on Si Xia and it was terrifying...

Si Xia didn't care about Cheng Xue who ran away in tears. He found a seat by the window and sat down in silence. As he leaned his chin on his hand, he continued staring at Ye Wanwan.

As for Ye Wanwan who was being stared at...

She gritted her teeth and really wanted to charge over to that guy to pounce on him again.

What's this little devil looking at? Is he trying to make me out to be some flower?

I really didn't expect that after last night, not only is he not stopping, he's even reached a whole new level!

In the midst of the awkward atmosphere, everybody finally managed to coax Cheng Xue back to rehearsal after a very long time.

Until rehearsal started, Si Xia's eyes stayed on Ye Wanwan the whole time without even blinking.

Wherever Ye Wanwan went, his eyes would follow like a newborn chick who wouldn't leave its mother.

The way he looked at her was extremely obvious--only those who were blind wouldn't notice but because of Si Xia's terrifying rage just now, nobody dared to make a sound. They could only criticize him in their hearts.

What exactly happened to you, hunk! Were you cursed by Ye Wanwan??!!!

Ye Wanwan shouldn't act as Snow White; she should be the witch instead!

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