Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 185: She's a beauty

Chapter 185: She's a beauty

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At the small hall in school:

The costumes and props were all prepared and everybody crowded around excitedly to take a look.

"Wow! The clothes are all so beautiful! They're so gorgeous!"

"It's all thanks to Cheng Xue. These costumes and props were borrowed from the professional production team with her help! When the time comes, our class' performance will definitely be the most breathtaking!"

"You're dreaming! No matter how stunning the costumes and props are, they'll never make up for Ye Wanwan's appalling face, alright?"

"I really have nothing to say about this ugly freak; how could she be so shameless to take the role of Snow White and force Cheng Xue to act as the evil queen?!"

"So what? There'll be no harm without any comparison--our Little Xue will be the most beautiful queen in history for sure!"

At this moment, someone at the side raised her doubts, "Hold on, even if there is some exaggeration in the theatre, isn't Ye Wanwan's face a little overdone? Is it really okay for us to let her perform like that?"

Cheng Xue's sidekicks glanced at Ye Wanwan and started complaining, "That's right, even the costumes and props won't be able to save her. We have no choice but to change the script!"

"Huh? Change the script? Change it in which way?"

Cheng Xue replied, "We can change the script to have Snow White's mother disguising Snow White with thick makeup from a young age in order to protect her. This way, Ye Wanwan wouldn't have to appear from beginning to end."

"Hahahahaha, would this even work?"

Her little group of sidekicks scoffed, "What else can we do? There will be so many important people at the show; we can't be the ones responsible for scaring them off!"


Everybody was talking about Ye Wanwan and occasionally, someone shot a look of disgust at her.

Ye Wanwan played with her costume, held her chin up high and smiled while listening to their comments. Once they were almost done, she suddenly interrupted, "Ay, actually, I can appear on stage without any makeup on. I look pretty good without it!"

The air had a strange silence the moment everyone heard what she said.

A moment later, a roar of laughter erupted.

"Hahahahaha, what did this ugly freak just say? She actually said she looks pretty good without makeup on!"

"Who exactly gave her the courage to say something like that!?"

"She must be joking! If she goes up on stage without any makeup, I think the audience would be scared to death! Is this a Snow White play or a midnight horror show?"

Ye Wanwan had a serious expression on, "Ay, I look quite good without any makeup on. I've been making myself look like this because I'm afraid that my beauty would cause too much jealousy!"

Everybody's expression: "..."

Heh, we must be crazy. We're actually listening to this crazy and ugly freak talk nonsense...

Ye Wanwan saw that nobody believed her, and she sighed helplessly. She told the truth today since she was in a good mood but none of them actually believed her.

"Ugly freak! Stop with your unrealistic dreams and quickly get over here to rehearse! Also, put down that costume in your dirty hands. You're not allowed to change into it now; you can only change into it on the day of the performance. Would you be able to pay up if you dirty it now?!" Cheng Xue's sidekick said, with her hands on her hips, glaring at her fiercely.

After they changed the script, Ye Wanwan was basically switched from being Snow White to Cinderella. The so-called expensive costume was actually grey and old. It was made out of some unknown animal skin and it was ugly, stiff and difficult to put on.

Ye Wanwan couldn't even be bothered to change into it and when she heard what Cheng Xue's sidekick said, she was overjoyed to toss it aside.

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