Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 184: At worst, she'd get makeup remover splashed in her face

Chapter 184: At worst, she'd get makeup remover splashed in her face

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It was still early. The sky just had its first glimmer of light, the window frame was still moist with mist and dew, and the school grounds were empty.

However, Jiang Yan Ran followed Ye Wanwan's gaze, looked over and saw a familiar figure below.

A boy stood still below the girls' dormitory like a doorkeeper.

And Jiang Yan Ran noticed that he was still wearing the same pyjamas as last night.

When Ye Wanwan called Chu Feng yesterday, he was already in bed and because he rushed over, he didn't even have time to get dressed.

But it was already morning now and he was still in the same clothes...

Could it be that he didn't go back and stood there for an entire night?

With that thought, Jiang Yan Ran felt as if her heart had been struck by something. She turned around and ran downstairs.

Ye Wanwan looked at Jiang Yan Ran's back and felt somewhat emotional as if her little girl was maturing to womanhood.


Chu Feng, who was in a daze, suddenly saw Jiang Yan Ran running over and was stunned. His dashing face started to turn red and he suddenly didn't know what to do with his arms and legs. "Yan... Yan Ran..."

"You..." Jiang Yan Ran wasn't sure what to say as she asked hesitantly, "You didn't sleep at all last night?"

He scratched his head and didn't dare to lie, so he stood there like a child who'd misbehaved and answered honestly, "I... I didn't dare to sleep..."

"Why not?" Jiang Yan Ran was perplexed.

He pressed his lips together and was silent for awhile before replying softly, "I was afraid it was all a dream; I was afraid that once I woke up..." (I wouldn't have a wife)

Although Chu Feng didn't manage to say those last few words, Jiang Yan Ran still understood what he meant.

After all these years of chasing after Song Zi Hang, she almost forgot that she was a girl, almost forgot how it felt to be treasured by someone.

Even though Chu Feng was clumsy and maybe even a little foolish, he was genuine and made her feel safe.

Jiang Yan Ran looked at him in silence, the darkness and confusion gradually leaving her eyes. While he stood around looking nervous and uneasy, she said to him, "You should quickly go back and rest!"

She then took a few steps forward, tiptoed and planted a light kiss on his cheeks as she whispered, "You're not dreaming."

"Oh, I'll go back then..." Chu Feng blinked over and over, then stood up and walked away obediently, step by step.

"Hm, he's so calm and collected?"

Upstairs, Ye Wanwan saw everything that happened and sighed at this kid's progress. But in the next second, she noticed that Chu Feng was walking awkwardly with his left limbs extending out together and then his right.

Ye Wanwan giggled as she rubbed her chin and looked a little envious. It's good to be young--you can fall in love so purely .

After watching the lovey-dovey scene, Ye Wanwan laid in bed and went back to sleep.

When she woke up, it was time to head to the small hall for rehearsals.

Jiang Yan Ran had already showered and brought breakfast back. Knowing that Ye Wanwan had to go to rehearsal, she turned to her with a worried look and reminded her, "Si Xia's personal guards are insane, especially with Cheng Xue's complicated background. You better be careful!"

Speaking of Cheng Xue, she was pretty aggressive. Just to get closer to Si Xia, she actually took over another girl's role as the evil stepmother.

Ye Wanwan concentrated on eating her breakfast bun while speaking with her mouth full, "Don't worry, the worst that could happen is I'll get makeup remover splashed in my face, that's all!"

Jiang Yan Ran: "..."

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