Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 183: Trampled on

Chapter 183: Trampled on

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After the angry shouts, there was a cold and dead silence.

The love-struck expression on Ye Wanwan's face subsided like the tide as she regained a cold and indifferent expression.

Ye Wanwan tidied the edges of her white dress, stood up slowly and looked coldly at the battered and exhausted teenager who had grass all over his body, his face filled with indignation and fear. "Hey Si Xia, are you done acting?"

He lifted his head angrily and glared at her in disbelief.

Ye Wanwan laughed, "Don't be dismayed--going to this extent with me looking the way I do; you're already quite good."

With that, Ye Wanwan paused and the smile on her face was replaced by a seriousness, "I don't care what your motives were, nor do I care about what happened between you and Si Ye Han, just please don't drag me into it. Jie jie [1] don't have the energy to play games with you! You hear me?"

Ye Wanwan turned and left immediately.

Behind her, Si Xia was a mess. While they were struggling, he rolled in the grass and mud and lost a few buttons on his shirt. He looked like he'd just been trampled on.

After Ye Wanwan left, he regained his senses after a long time. He clenched his fists and muttered a curse.

The night breeze was chilly and there was a cold glow from the moonlight overhead.

He sat there in a daze.

After some time, he slowly buried his head in his knees, his back trembled slightly and his fingers dug into the grass, "You're not..."

His voice was increasingly gloomy, "You're not my jie jie..."

A moment of silence in the dead stillness.

It was as if he'd drawn out all his anger. His voice that was gloomy and full of hatred became extremely weak, "My older sister... would never do this to me..."


The next morning.

Ye Wanwan was awoken by the screams of Jiang Yan Ran.


All she saw was a girl sitting up in a panic, her flushed cheeks filled with distress.

She seemed to have sobered up and recalled what she did last night.

"You're awake?" Ye Wanwan yawned.

Jiang Yan Ran turned to her, looking as if she was about to cry as she spoke incoherently, "Wanwan... I... last night..."

"What happened to you last night?" Ye Wanwan acted like she didn't know anything.

"Oh my god!" Jiang Yan Ran held her face, "Last... last night, I was in a bad mood so I drank a little... after that, I gave you a call... you told me to wait there... you said you'd get someone to fetch me..."

"That's right! What's wrong?"

"After that, Chu Feng came over and wanted to take me back to the dorms but Song Zi Hang somehow found me too and kept pestering me. He even insisted that I still had feelings for him and said I was using Chu Feng to get revenge and provoke him... he even hurt Chu Feng..."


Jiang Yan Ran blushed even more, "After that, I was so mad and to refute what Song Zi Hang said, I kissed Chu Feng right in front of him! God... I'm never ever drinking again..."

"Oh, actually, I think you should drink more..."

Jiang Yan Ran didn't seem to hear what Ye Wanwan mumbled as she fell apart, "I'm not even sure about my feelings towards Chu Feng, how could I do something like that? He might get the wrong idea! What's worse was that I even said he would be my boyfriend from that day onwards!"

Aiya, this is actually going better than I expected!

Ye Wanwan laughed, "That boy's too lucky, huh? I'm so jealous of him!"

Not only does he have me as a helpful spirit, even God is on his side!

Jiang Yan Ran was annoyed, "Wanwan, stop joking. Hurry and think of a way out for me, what should I do now?"

Ye Wanwan replied without hesitation, "It's very simple. Just tell him that you drank too much last night so everything you did and said doesn't count."

Jiang Yan Ran's eyes lit up, "Can I really do that?"

Ye Wanwan nodded, "Of course you can. At most, there'll be a male corpse found in Qing He's lake one of these days!"

Jiang Yan Ran: "..."

"Pfff..." Ye Wanwan laughed, "Just teasing you. If you really don't like him, then it's best that you let Chu Feng know early!"

Jiang Yan Ran immediately replied, "I don't dislike him...but.."

Ye Wanwan understood how she was feeling--after all, she was still a teen. It was inevitable that she'd be confused, having so many things happening all at once.

Ye Wanwan thought about it then stood up, walked to the windows and drew the curtains as she said to Jiang Yan Ran, "Yan Ran, come over and look at this, then make a decision."


Translator's Thoughts

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[1]: Jie jie means older sister in Chinese. In this case, Ye Wanwan isn't really Si Xia's older sister, it's just to show that she's older, has a higher authority and in some way, mocking him.

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