Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1878 - I walk the tough man route

Chapter 1878 I walk the tough man route

“I don’t care! I won’t accept it! Gong Xu, my bro, help me punch him!” Big Dipper’s gaze landed on the audience member, Gong Xu.

“Eh… Bro Big… I…” Gong Xu looked trapped. He was friends with Chu Feng, so how could he shamelessly beat Chu Feng? Plus… Chu Feng didn’t do anything.

“Can’t you be more promising?” Seven Star turned to Big Dipper.

“That’s right, Bro Big. As they say, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, so why are you so hung up on one fish? The ancient saying is right—there are plenty of beautiful women in this world. You can pursue anyone you want…” Gong Xu prattled on incessantly.

“Ignore him. This is how he is. You’ll get used to it.” Ye Wanwan couldn’t be more embarrassed.

Sis Wan, don’t worry. I’m used to it.” Chu Feng smiled faintly.

Jiang Yanran currently had too many admirers, so he was already accustomed to it. Big Dipper was decent still; there were many crazier suitors out there.

“Punk, I’m telling you, treat my goddess well… If you dare to bully my goddess in the future, I’ll make you thoroughly understand two words!” Big Dipper fumed with rage.

“Which two words?” Gong Xu blurted out.

“Die sonless…” Big Dipper harrumphed.

Big Dipper then turned to Ye Wanwan as though he’d suffered an immense grievance. “Sis Wanwan… I broke up…”

Ye Wanwan:When did you even freaking start dating…

“Bro Big… I know several sisters who look pretty sweet…” Gong Xu quietly said after walking toward Big Dipper.

“Oh…?M Big Dipper’s eyes brightened.

“Bro Big, how about… you teach me a move or two? Because of Brother Ye, I luckily signed on with Stars Entertainment, and I’m preparing to enter the international scene. After carefully thinking about it, I finally decided the tough man style suits me the best… How about you come to my house sometime, Bro Big, and we can explore the tough man route together…” Gong Xu seriously asked.

“Yes… From the first time I saw you, I thought you were very suited for the tough man style. How about you call those girlies and… I’ll come to your house tonight… and explore it in detail?” Big Dipper agreed thoughtfully.

Ye Wanwan:Enough already. Didn’t you just break up?!

Yes, that’s doable…” Gong Xu smiled before turning to Ye Wanwan. “Bro Big, I’m not connected to those girls in any way. I just know them… I mainly want to introduce them to my Bro Big… That’s all.”

Big Dipper also turned to Ye Wanwan. “As they say… Who else can an injured heart love… I think I’ll become a heartless Casanova from now on… My heart won’t hurt as long as I don’t love, ay…”

Ye Wanwan wondered if she could call the security here to kick these two idiots out. She couldn’t stand them anymore!

“No, you can’t go.” Seven Star furrowed his brows at Big Dipper.

“Why? I have to help my bro, Gong Xu, walk the tough man route!” Big Dipper protested.

“That’s right, that’s right?! Why won’t you let my Bro Big go?!” Gong Xu hastily interjected too.

Seven Star didn’t speak and coldly looked at Gong Xu.

Gong Xu immediately switched tracks and seriously said, “Eh… Actually, I think it’d also be nice if I went the scholarly route…I don’t have to go the tough man route…Bro Big, don’t come if you don’t have time…”

It had to be said that Seven Star’s expression was truly too frightening.

“We have to leave soon. Don’t run around and cause havoc.” After relaying this final order, Seven Star didn’t say anything else.

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