Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1879 - Give me a girlfriend as compensation

Chapter 1879 Give me a girlfriend as compensation

“Leave? Where?” Gong Xu pressed anxiously.

“Far away.” Big Dipper sighed. Thinking about it,if he could stay in China and party every day with Gong Xu…it_d be rather nice too…

Then… when will you come back?” Gong Xu’s face filled with sadness.

“Winter probably…”

“Bro Big, aren’t you being insincere…?” Gong Xu’s lips twitched. Winter probably, he said.

Luo Chen dragged Gong Xu away before Gong Xu could say anything else.

“Oh right, how’s the investigation on Yao Jiawen?” Ye Wanwan pushed Ye Mufan, who resumed eating his pig foot again, to the side and sat down.

“That d*mn b*tch, that ingrate!” Ye Mufan put down his pig foot and scornfully said, “The investigation finished. She embezzled several large sums of money from the company and committed a white-collar crime, so she got arrested. She probably won’t be released within several decades.”

“We let her off lightly,” Han Xianyu commented with a smile.

“It’s a rather befitting punishment,” Jiang Yanran said.

Back then, Yao Jiawen secretly embezzled the company’s funds and shoved all of the crimes onto Ye Wanwan. Not only that, but she also acted like a mighty hero who didn’t fear hardship and led the Age of Immortals out of its plight. Just thinking about it made them nauseous.

Thankfully, after Ye Wanwan returned, she shattered Yao Jiawen’s public image and dished out some sweet justice!

Ye Wanwan knew Yao Jiawen would get arrested for sure, so she didn’t pay it too much heed.

“How’s Emperor Sky Entertainment?” Ye Wanwan asked her brother.

“I merged Emperor Sky Entertainment and the Age of Immortals. Emperor Sky Entertainment has quite a large number of artists… but the current focus is Han Xianyu, Gong Xu, and them. We won’t consider other artists until they rise above the A-list,” Ye Mufan replied.

“Haha, exactly. We shouldn’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ fields…My Brother Ye is the boss of Stars Corporation. Before this, I never dreamed of signing a contract with Stars Entertainment… I’ve met so many of my idols! I love you to death, Brother Ye…” Gong Xu said.

Yeah…” Han Xianyu nodded in agreement.

Not everyone could sign onto an international entertainment company like Stars Entertainment. They possessed too many wealthy resources, so Stars Entertainment could easily make them into international superstars. As long as they didn’t behave suicidally, there wouldn’t be any problems.

“Brother Ye… Thank you…”

Luo Chen looked at Ye Wanwan and wanted to say something but could only make out “Thank you.” No words could describe his gratitude toward Ye Wanwan. If it weren’t for Ye Wanwan… he would be nothing…

“What? You want to make me cry?” Ye Wanwan asked Luo Chen in amusement.

“No…” Luo Chen shook his head.

“Wanwan, without you, we wouldn’t be where we are…” Jiang Yanran said.

The greatest benefactor she’d met in her life was Ye Wanwan. Ever since their school days, the assistance Ye Wanwan had given her was truly too, too much.

“Sis Wanwan… I’m also grateful for you. If it weren’t for you… I wouldn’t have gotten together with Yanran…” Chu Feng also said.


Big Dipper was surprised and instantly turned to Ye Wanwan grievously. “Sis Wanwan… It was actually you who introduced my goddess to this punk… I don’t care, you owe me a girlfriend! Give me a girlfriend as compensation.”

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. “I’ll sit with you for a bit.”

Big Dipper: “…”

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