Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1877 - Your goddess’s boyfriend

Chapter 1877 Your goddess’s boyfriend

When the guards at the Age of Immortals’ entrance saw Ye Wanwan and her group appearing suddenly, they immediately received her in surprise.

“Hello, Director Ye!”

“Hello.” Ye Wanwan smiled at them.

The security looked flattered, as though they were dreaming.

Ye Wanwan was the top boss of Stars Corporation!

It was extremely difficult for even international superstars to see Ye Wanwan. They couldn’t see her whenever they pleased.

“Is CEO Ye here?” Ye Wanwan asked.

“Huh… Aren’t you Director Ye[l]…?” An employee blurted out automatically but realized something was amiss, so they immediately corrected themselves. “Oh…You’re referring to Ye Mufan, CEO Ye…He’s here, he’s here…I’ll bring you to him.”

“Sure.” Ye Wanwan nodded.

Soon, Ye Wanwan entered the Age of Immortals’ canteen.

Aside from Ye Mufan, Jiang Yanran, Gong Xu, Luo Chen, Han Xianyu, and Chu Feng, who she hadn’t seen for a long time, were also present.

They were sitting at the same table and eating the company canteen’s food.

“D*mn, Brother Ye!”

Gong Xu was the first to see Ye Wanwan and shot up excitedly at once.

“Wanwan… why are you here?”

Ye Mufan immediately put down a half-chewed pig’s foot and reflexively wiped the grease on his hands on his clothes.

“F*ck me… The expensive suit I just bought!” Ye Mufan looked like he ate shit as he stared at the grease stains on himself.

“…” Ye Wanwan thought: Wasn’t it you who smeared that grease stain a second ago…?

“You’re all eating!”

Big Dipper swaggered up and nonchalantly sat down next to Jiang Yanran.

“Hello… I think that’s my seat…” The pushed-away Chu Feng stared at Big Dipper, baffled.

Seeing as it was someone brought there by Ye Wanwan, Chu Feng couldn’t blow up rashly.

“What’s that about your seat, my seat? Your name isn’t on it, chap. Aren’t you too tactless? Shoo shoo shoo, go sit somewhere else, right… Goddess…?” Big Dipper turned to Jiang Yanran toward the end.

Jiang Yanran:

“Sis Wanwan…” The bewildered Chu Feng immediately turned to Ye Wanwan. What was happening?

“Big Dipper.” Ye Wanwan shot Big Dipper a displeased look. Chu Feng was Jiang Yanran’s proper boyfriend, and they were about to get engaged. Why was he trying to butt in?

Seven Star expressionlessly walked toward Big Dipper before he could speak and picked him up before aloofly turning to Chu Feng. “Sit.”

Chu Feng sat back down dazedly. Just what was happening…?

“D*mn… Old Seven, are you a freaking human? How could you separate me from my goddess…? Tell me, did you take a fancy to my goddess?!” Big Dipper was brimming with resentment.

“Big Dipper, this is Chu Feng, Jiang Yanran’s boyfriend.” Ye Wanwan was forced to tell him the truth.

Big Dipper looked at Chu Feng in immense shock and disbelief. “D*mn… No way! How is that possible… Punk, get up. I’m going to fight with you! We’ll sign a life and death pact…”

Chu Feng’s lips twitched. He didn’t seem too willing to pay attention to Big Dipper.

“D*mn, punk, can’t you freaking give us a break? Yanran is about to get engaged; what fuss are you making?” Ye Mufan glanced at Big Dipper.

[1] Many managerial positions are just shortened to “Manager XXX” in Chinese when addressing someone regardless of whether they are CEO, director, president, etc.

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