Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1876

But they weren’t able to see that man’s appearance clearly.

Later, the silver-haired man caught wind of some news, so he came to China in search of Worriless Nie’s whereabouts.

To the seductive woman, Master was probably unwilling to reunite with Little Junior Sister because he pampered Little Junior Sister too much.

If Little Junior Sister kept hounding Master, he probably couldn’t withstand it and would spill everything…

Once Little Junior Sister learned the truth…

The consequences would be inconceivable.

“Master, should we leave the Little Junior Sister alone without any care then…?” The woman looked at him in incomprehension.

They finally managed to confirm Little Junior Sister’s identity after all the trouble and found her. Shouldn’t they reunite with her…?

The silver-haired man stayed silent for a moment before looking at her. “What’s there to worry about? Your Little Junior Sister couldn’t be any freer! As the President of the Fearless Alliance, she has a bunch of experts around her protecting her.”

The seductive woman carefully thought about it and realized that was the truth.

“Then… Master, when can we reunite with Little Junior Sister?”

“Let’s wait until Worriless recovers her memory on her own.” The silver-haired man sighed.

At the same time, as Big Dipper drove, he kept peering at Ye Wanwan in the back. “Hey, Sis Feng… Just how much is your ring worth…?”

“Drive properly. Stop looking at me.” Ye Wanwan glanced at him.

“Okay.” Big Dipper had no choice but to focus on driving and didn’t dare to look behind him again.

“Have you found the Fearless Alliance members abducted by Si Bayi?” Ye Wanwan asked as she turned to the others. Seven Star nodded expressionlessly. “Yes, we found them.”

“Sis Feng, we had a total of 20 something members abducted by the Lawless Gang, but only 11 people remained. Ay…

But we called the police and got Si Bayi and a dozen or so Lawless Gang members captured, so we didn’t lose anything and got our revenge,” Big Dipper hastily interjected.

Third Elder, in the front passenger seat, glanced at Big Dipper. Can he freaking stop mentioning how we called the police?!

“Say, Sis Feng… Isn’t it a bit too… humiliating… how we called the police to capture Si Bayi in China? If word got back to the Independent State and other factions learned we called the police… where would our pride go?” Big Dipper asked.

Third Elder:

Ye Wanwan glanced at Big Dipper. “What’s humiliating about that? It was Si Bayi acting shameless first by using firearms, and we called the police second. It’s not like we called the police while everyone was fighting with their bare hands.”

“Eh… that’s the principle, but… the prohibited usage of firearms is only the Independent State’s rules. Members of the Independent State aren’t as restricted in other countries,” Big Dipper refuted.

“That’s right. As you said, there aren’t as many rules in China, so why should we abide by the Independent State’s rules still…? We’re in China, a country with a proper legal system,” Ye Wanwan retorted.

Third Elder: “Thinking about it like that, that does seem to be the case.”

Seven Star agreed. “Yes…”

Big Dipper also added, “True… I’m convinced.”

Ye Wanwan swept her eyes over the other four. When they were in the Independent State, they didn’t find anything humiliating but they had so many concerns after coming to China. How surprising.

With Ye Wanwan’s directions, Big Dipper soon parked the car in front of the Age of Immortals.

“Director Ye!!!”

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