Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1875

“Master, did you find Little Junior Sister?”

A woman with seductive looks entered the van and asked the silver-haired man.

The silver-haired man nodded. “I did…”

“Little Junior Sister is seriously… We just discovered she went back to the Independent State and wanted to go there to find her, but now, she came running back to China. She’s really wild.” The alluring woman chuckled lightly. “So where’s Junior Sister, Master?”

Your junior sister lost her memory… I didn’t acknowledge her,” the silver-haired man replied.

“Eh?” The alluring woman’s expression turned strange, and she couldn’t understand. “Why didn’t you acknowledge Little Junior Sister, Master?”

“Now isn’t the time.” The silver-haired man shook his head. “When your little junior sister went to the Independent State, she was clearly in an amnesiac state, but for some reason, she still managed to become President Fearless.”


The alluring woman chuckled. “Do you need to ask, Master? There aren’t many people in the entire Independent State who know Little Junior Sister Worriless Nie is Bai Feng, but Emperor Ji does… Emperor Ji must’ve recognized Little Junior Sister, so it’d be easy for him to help Little Junior Sister recover her identity. After all, the Nie family currently has a fake Worriless Nie, but helping Little Junior Sister recover her status as President Fearless should be a piece of cake… Moreover, you know how Little Junior Sister gets when she’s drunk… I can guarantee that Little Junior Sister must’ve gotten drunk at least once in the Fearless Alliance…”

The silver-haired man also laughed, a wave of memories washing over him.

That was true. Once his little disciple was drunk, the torrential power inside of her couldn’t be stopped even in an amnesiac state.

“However, Worriless currently doesn’t have her memories, so how do you know she acted the way she used to after consuming alcohol?” The silver-haired man looked at the alluring woman.

The woman smiled. “I saw Emperor Ji once, and he told me the whole story.”

“I see.” The man was pensive. Everything made sense then.

If it weren’t for Worriless Nie drinking and exposing her nature, it would’ve been impossible to make the Fearless Alliance completely believe she was Bai Feng. Those elders of the Fearless Alliance especially; each one was more astute than the next. It was impossible to fool them.

“Master, let’s reunite with Little Junior Sister. I miss her to death!” she suggested impatiently.

However, the silver-haired man shook his head.

It would be better for Worriless Nie to recover her memories on her own… Moreover, if they did reunite, how should he explain to her what happened before she lost her memory…

That would truly be too cruel for Worriless Nie. It might even be worse than death…

If Worriless Nie was unable to accept it or… unwilling to remember it, it would be her internal demon forever. “Master… Your worries are… But that matter…” the alluring woman questioned hesitantly.

“That’s right.” The silver-haired man sighed softly. “If we reunited, I would tell her everything, but it isn’t the time now obviously.”

The alluring woman was silent for a moment before sighing as well. “I know that… Little Junior Sister blames herself, but that matter… isn’t her fault… She didn’t do it on purpose…”

She still vaguely recalled Worriless Nie’s tortured state when Worriless Nie video-called Master and her many years ago.

It wasn’t that Worriless Nie was too weak. In fact, Worriless Nie was strong enough, but anyone who encountered that same situation—regardless of their gender—probably wouldn’t have had the courage to continue living in this world.

In the end, Worriless Nie was hunted down. When she and Master arrived, they faintly saw a man taking Worriless Nie away from the Independent State.

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