Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1862 - We“ve been abducted

Chapter 1862 We“ve been abducted

Si Bayi furrowed his brows at seeing Ye Wanwan acting so calm. He didn’t forget that this person was the dreadful President Fearless…

“Did you think we came empty-handed without any preparation?” Ye Wanwan asked with amusement.

Her group turned to her immediately.

Si Bayi asked coldly, “What do you mean?”

“I’ve covered your entire manor in timed bombs. The second we die, someone will press the remote, and the manor will explode into smithereens instantly… At that time, no one can dream of leaving,” Ye Wanwan replied with a smile.

“Hahaha… President Bai, are you trying to scare me?” Si Bayi sneered.

“Am I…?M Ye Wanwan glanced at a spot on the walls around the manor.

There were several Fearless Alliance members standing on the wall, each holding a red remote the size of their palm. Before coming to this manor, Ye Wanwan made all necessary preparations.

They didn’t need to worry about firearms in the Independent State, but they weren’t in the Independent State.

Of course, the supposed timed bombs were just to scare Si Bayi and the remotes were also fake. However, Ye Wanwan was certain Si Bayi wouldn’t dare to act since he absolutely didn’t have the courage to make this gamble.

Moreover, Ye Wanwan discovered the snipers situated far away long ago.

Big Dipper discovered these snipers secretly protecting them the whole time before coming to Si Bayi’s manor.

She didn’t need to think for long to realize they had to be Si Yehan’s subordinates.

At the first sign of Si Bayi’s people acting on their hostile intentions, the snipers’ bullets would be faster than them.

“Hahaha… As expected from President Bai Feng! You have quite the skill, quite the skill…” A vicious glint shone in Si Bayi’s eyes as he stared at her.

Before he could continue, police sirens could be heard from the distance.

The distant snipers immediately disappeared without a trace.

“Kneel!” Ye Wanwan shouted at Big Dipper and the others at once.

They didn’t know what happened, but they subconsciously dropped to the ground.

A few breaths later, the manor’s gates were slammed open and dozens of fully armed police officers rushed in from outside.

“Drop your weapons!”

The police officers shouted loudly upon seeing the guns held by the Lawless Gang. “What…?!”

Si Bayi was struck by disbelief when he saw the fully-armed Chinese police officers.

They were surrounded by layers and layers of police by now… If they resisted, the consequences would be inconceivable.

Without much thought required, Si Bayi ordered the Lawless Gang members to drop their guns.

“Both hands around your head and kneel down! Now!” several police officers commanded harshly.

Si Bayi and his men all knelt on the ground accordingly with both hands around their heads.

“Boss, are you okay? You scared me to death!”

Director Zhou of Stars Entertainment suddenly sprinted over from the back suddenly.

“Sir, she’s our boss… And these people abducted our boss and her friends…” Director Zhou hastily said.

The police officers naturally knew that Ye Wanwan was the boss of Stars Entertainment.

“Officer, sir… This is the eldest brother of the Si family, Si Bayi… We visited him as guests, and he wanted to forcibly conduct a business deal with us… But I didn’t agree, so they used their guns to threaten me…” Ye Wanwan also anxiously interjected.

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