Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1861 - was raised by fright

Chapter 1861 was raised by fright

“When the Lawless Gang attacked the Fearless Alliance before, the Lawless Gang was also seriously damaged, but we abducted many Fearless Alliance elites… I’m sure President Bai is aware of this. As long as President Bai can let bygones be bygones, the Lawless Gang can become good friends with the Fearless Alliance still, and I can return those abducted Fearless Alliance elites to the Fearless Alliance.” Si Bayi proposed with a faint smile.

Everyone in the Fearless Alliance knew that Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance might be cruel and savage, but she was also very loyal and cared about her comrades. Hence, Si Bayi was planning ahead when he didn’t kill those abducted Fearless Alliance elites. If the Fearless Alliance was to return to its peak and sought them out for retribution or President Fearless returned someday, they’d have this bargaining chip on hand and could negotiate with the Fearless Alliance.

“Oh… Is that so?” Ye Wanwan’s eyes shifted.

“Heh. Of course, President Bai. I, Si Bayi, keep my promises… I can also give Qin Ruoxi to President Bai so that you can address your grievances…” Si Bayi responded.

“What…?” The color drained out of Qin Ruoxi’s face when she heard that.

“Qin Ruoxi?” Ye Wanwan frowned. “It appears you aren’t that sincere…She’s nothing to me.”

“D*mn, how can you freaking bring forward a random stray dog? Are you trying to mock our President?!” Big Dipper shouted scornfully.

A sense of overwhelming feebleness washed over Qin Ruoxi as she looked at Ye Wanwan.

Once upon a time, this woman named Ye Wanwan was akin to an ant in her eyes. If it weren’t for Si Yehan, she could’ve easily pinched Ye Wanwan to death any time she wanted.

Now though, this so-called ant actually became a deep gorge that she could never surpass… She and Ye Wanwan—no, she was the President of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng, now—were people from two entirely different worlds and dimensions.

Ye Wanwan was the real titan now. And she had become a mere stray dog… Even Si Bayi was very wary and fearful of this woman…

“I will look for my people myself… As for you, a man who is scheming every second and minute and wanted to kill me just now… I don’t think there’s any point in us having an exchange,” Ye Wanwan responded disdainfully.

Si Bayi’s expression changed instantly.

“Heh… So you’re saying there’s nothing to discuss, President Bai…? Is that it?” A cold glint sparkled in his eyes.

You can interpret it like that.”

“Heh,President Bai Feng,I gave you a chance, but it’s you who didn’t wantit.. You insist on both sides perishing, so there’s nothing I can do… I think it’d be nice for all of you to die here today. I might suffer from the Fearless Alliance’s endless hunt, but… you’ll definitely die earlier than me.”

Si Bayi then whistled.

A second later, a dozen or so men in black dashed out from the manor with guns in hand.

Big Dipper and the other’s expressions changed. He was a resident of the Independent State, but he was freaking using guns…?

“You’re too f*cking despicable and shameless, aren’t you?! How could you use firearms as a member of the Independent State?!” Big Dipper angrily yelled as he pointed at Si Bayi.

“A member of the Independent State?” Si Bayi snorted. “I was expelled from the Independent State a long time ago… Moreover, I’m not in the Independent State right now, so no one can control whether I use a firearm or not.”

“Si Bayi… Are you trying to… scare me with these things? I, Bai Feng, was raised by fear!” Ye Wanwan walked forward without a hint of fear, a bone-chilling smile on her face.

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