Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1860 - Go to the Shaolin Monastery and ask

Chapter 1860 Go to the Shaolin Monastery and ask

First Elder was rendered speechless by Eleven. Is this guy an idiot? Water walk? Shaolin’s 72 Secret techniques? Golden Shell and Iron Armor? Did he watch too many movies?!

“Master… Teach me… I’ve been a businessman on the outside for many years, but I discovered that I’m more interested in martial arts ever since I met Master…” Eleven wasn’t discouraged by First Elder’s blow and turned to Ye Wanwan instead.

Ye Wanwan pinched her brows. “Water Walk… Golden Shell… Iron Armor…”

“Right, right, right…” Eleven nodded vehemently.

“Do you know them? I also want to learn.” Ye Wanwan sighed at him. “If you really can’t… How about you visit Shaolin Monastery and ask…?”

First Elder wasn’t the only one who wanted Eleven to scram; she did too. Did Eleven get too infatuated from too many movies and novels? Where could she go to learn those techniques? She’d be willing to throw all her wealth away to learn them!

Big Dipper was fine after Si Bayi’s strike despite the wall crumbling because his body was in fine condition and he had high endurance, alright? Golden shell and iron armor, pft…

If someone cut Big Dipper with a weapon, he’d still bleed and lose some flesh.

“Fine…” Eleven chuckled with embarrassment. Fairytales were lies as expected. He thought these experts were like the ones he saw in novels and on TV…

A loud bang suddenly rang out from nearby. Si Bayi was having a difficult time fending off Big Dipper, Seven Star, and Third Elder’s simultaneous attacks and he staggered back a dozen steps.

“Sister-in-law, I have something to discuss with you,” Si Bayi shouted.

Ye Wanwan ordered Big Dipper and the others to stop and turned to Si Bayi with a sneer. “Speak.”

“Heh… I didn’t expect Old Nine to be so lucky with women and actually kidnap the Independent State’s illustrious President Fearless to China…” Si Bayi said.

Ye Wanwan chuckled lightly. Those words tickled her vanity.

Si Bayi surveyed Ye Wanwan with a frown. He had miscalculated this time…

He never would’ve expected Ye Wanwan to actually be the President of the Fearless Alliance, Bai Feng…

Could it be that Bai Feng went missing for so many years because she got kidnapped by Old Nine Si Yehan? No wonder… no wonder the Fearless Alliance later turned into a pool of loose sand… The rumor that Bai Feng died had circulated through many factions, which was why he controlled the Lawless Gang from afar and launched an attack on the Fearless Alliance. He originally planned to work with various factions and overtake the Fearless Alliance in one move then absorb the Fearless Alliance’s power and strengthen itself.

However, a starving camel was still stronger than a horse. Despite losing their president, Bai Feng, the Fearless Alliance was still frighteningly formidable, and the Lawless Gang didn’t profit much.

His original plan was flawless, and he just needed to use other people to kill Old Nine. Who would’ve expected Old Nine to get his hands on President Fearless? What was more aggravating was that this President Fearless probably recovered her memory already and regained control over the Fearless Alliance… This was quite tricky now.

“Heh… Ye Wanwan… No, I should call you Bai Feng… President Bai, I think there’s room for us to reconcile,” Si Bayi said amicably.

“Oh? I’m all ears,” Ye Wanwan replied.

She’d like to see what other tricks Si Bayi could pull out.

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