Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1859 - Scram

Chapter 1859 Scram

Some time ago, Lawless Gang brought the Fearless Alliance members they abducted to China and one of the Fearless Alliance members broke through the defenses and escaped, leading to many Lawless Gang experts hunting them down. Qin Ruoxi happened to follow the group to learn from them.

That situation immensely affected Qin Ruoxi’s mind.

A single member of the Fearless Alliance was absolutely dauntless in the face of a dozen or so experts from the Lawless Gang. The Fearless Alliance member faced them empty-handed and killed four or five people before dying in battle.

After that, the formidable strength of the Fearless Alliance became deeply ingrained in Qin Ruoxi’s mind.

Now, it turned out these experts in front of her were from the Fearless Alliance of the independent state… And that elderly man claimed Ye Wanwan was the President of the Fearless Alliance!

“Why are you wasting your words with Si Bayi? Capture him first!”

Third Elder snorted and swiftly dashed toward Si Bayi.

In the blink of an eye, Third Elder and Si Bayi’s palms met, sending each other back.

Surprise surfaced in both people’s eyes.

The other person’s strength made them wary.

“I’m gonna f*ck you up, old fart!” Big Dipper charged forward.

Seven Star also joined the fight with him.

Si Bayi’s strength was extraordinary naturally, so they couldn’t seize him easily even with three people teaming up.

“First Elder, wreck him!” Big Dipper shouted with confusion when he saw First Elder standing next to Ye Wanwan without any intention of moving.

“Hn… Just you three attacking will suffice… My bones are old and brittle, so I won’t join the fun… It’d be better for me to stay by the President’s side and protect her… After all, the President’s safety is number one…” First Elder replied with a smile.

“D*mn… Aren’t you too… eh… aren’t you too unparticular, First Elder…? Sis Feng needs your protection…? Are you kidding me…?” Big Dipper glanced at First Elder with displeasure.

If First Elder joined the fight, they would’ve seized Si Bayi a long time ago, alright…

Eleven froze in his spot and gulped as he watched the fight, dumbfounded. Was this still a freaking fight between humans…?

Those Si family hidden guards were basically defenseless babies compared to these people!

“Master… I-isn’t this too much…?” Eleven reflexively turned to Ye Wanwan with a stupefied expression.

You’ll get used to it,” Ye Wanwan answered quietly.

“Master… I also want to become as strong as them… Teach me, Master…” Eleven brimmed with eagerness.

Ye Wanwan:When she wasn’t drunk, she couldn’t be considered inept, but she was a bumbling fool when compared to First Elder and the others.

“Heh, I’ll teach you whatever you want to learn. Don’t trouble the President—she’s very busy every day,” First Elder butted in.

“Really?” Eleven intently looked at First Elder. “Are you as strong as them?”

“Of course! I’m a lot stronger than them. Why else would I be the First Elder?” First Elder retorted.

“Awesome!” Eleven promptly gave him a thumbs up. “They’re so fast; is it like water-walking…? Their palm techniques are too frightening. Are they using Shaolin’s 72 Absolute Techniques…? D*mn, that Big Dipper is fine after being hit by Si Bayi even though the wall shattered from his impact… Is that Golden Shell and Iron Armor…? I want to learn everything! I want to learn all of these master techniques!”

First Elder froze and silently glanced at Eleven before uttering, “Scram.”

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