Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1858 - Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance

Chapter 1858 Bro Flattop of the Fearless Alliance

“You four, get lost.”

Qin Ruoxi glanced at Seven Star, Big Dipper, and the two elders next to Ye Wanwan.

Big Dipper frowned and turned to look at Ye Wanwan. “Sis Wanwan, it should be fine if I beat this woman to death, right?”

“Whatever you want.” Ye Wanwan shrugged.


After obtaining permission from Ye Wanwan, Big Dipper glanced at Qin Ruoxi and snorted. “Who do you think you are? Do you think a mere stray animal is worthy of fighting with Sis Wanwan?”

You’re dead!”

A frosty glint flashed through Qin Ruoxi’s eyes, and she raised her right arm to fiercely hit Big Dipper.

Before her slap could land, Big Dipper blocked it in an instant.

Surprise entered Qin Ruoxi’s face as she looked at Big Dipper. Ye Wanwan had this kind of expert with her…?

“Eh, where did a noob like you get the guts to talk big?” Big Dipper ruthlessly pushed his right arm forward, sending Qin Ruoxi flying back.

Big Dipper stepped forward before Qin Ruoxi could land and grabbed her ankle from the air, heavily smashing her onto the ground.

A giant bang resounded as dust fluttered everywhere. Qin Ruoxi’s complexion turned deathly pale, and blood seeped out from her mouth.

“Oh…?” Si Bayi curiously examined Big Dipper.

This person’s martial arts skills absolutely didn’t resemble a Chinese expert’s…

Qin Ruoxi climbed up strenuously and looked at Big Dipper in disbelief. Where did this person come from? How could he be so formidable…

“Si Bayi, let me ask you something. Your Lawless Gang fought with the Fearless Alliance in the Independent State and took many Fearless Alliance elites hostage… Where are those people now?” First Elder suddenly asked Si Bayi.

Si Bayi evidently started. These people actually knew about the Independent State and the Fearless Alliance…

“Interesting,” Si Bayi murmured as he stared at First Elder and the others.

“Old geezer, we’re asking you a question! Didn’t you hear it?” Big Dipper mocked.

“I’m very curious as to who you actually are. How do you know about Fearless Alliance?” Si Bayi asked.

“What? You have the guts to order Lawless Gang to attack the Fearless Alliance but you don’t even recognize the president of our Fearless Alliance?” Third Elder questioned coldly.

“You’re saying… She’s the President of the Fearless Alliance?”

Si Bayi’s gaze swiftly landed on Ye Wanwan.

Si Bayi knew Old Nine Si Yehan brought Ye Wanwan back from the Independent State… So Ye Wanwan also came from the Independent State in the end…

However, Si Bayi didn’t know Ye Wanwan’s identity in the Independent State. Although Si Bayi had the Lawless Gang investigate it when Si Yehan first brought Ye Wanwan to China’s Si family, they didn’t discover anything or find any reliable information.

Now though, this elderly man next to Ye Wanwan claimed she was the President of the Fearless Alliance…

Bro Flattop… Bai Feng?!

“F-fearless Alliance…? How could that be possible…?”

Qin Ruoxi turned ashen as she incredulously turned to Ye Wanwan.

Qin Ruoxi might not know much about the Independent State and the division of power in the Independent State, but she had heard Si Bayi mentioning that the Fearless Alliance was a topmost power in the Independent State. In China, 10,000 groups like the Si family couldn’t measure up to the Fearless Alliance.

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