Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1857 - Member of the Rose of Death

Chapter 1857 Member of the Rose of Death

However, what Ye Wanwan couldn’t understand was why Nameless Nie and the Nie family prohibited any mention of the Rose of Death.

According to what First Elder said, the Rose of Death could be considered a taboo in the Independent State, and many people didn’t dare to mention it. So by impersonating to be Black Widow and creating a brand new Rose of Death… she was freaking courting her own death!

“First Elder… You said the Rose of Death was destroyed?” Ye Wanwan lightly probed with a seemingly nonchalant expression.

First Elder looked at Ye Wanwan and shook his head before whispering to her, “I… am not sure, President… The Rose of Death vanished without a trace for too long, so I personally think they were annihilated… But that’s just my personal opinion. No one knows what truly happened to the Rose of Death…”

Ye Wanwan was pensive. When she impersonated Black Widow and recruited manpower after founding a new Rose of Death, she heard from the new recruits that there were remaining Rose of Death members imprisoned in the Martial Arts Union… Could there be some shocking secret behind this again…?

Additionally, Nameless Nie and the whole Nie family prohibited anyone from mentioning the Rose of Death and even went as far as lying to clueless people that the Rose of Death and Black Widow were all fabricated… Could it be the Rose of Death was connected to the Nie family somehow…?

Ye Wanwan mulled it over for a moment with furrowed brows before tossing this thought aside. It didn’t seem to be related to her.

She merely impersonated Black Widow and created a new Rose of Death, so she would just ask Nameless Nie about it when she went back. At worst, she’d change the name of her Rose of Death, as long as it didn’t bring any trouble to her.

“Do you want to know what Eric represents?” Si Bayi smirked. “Once upon a time in our Independent State, this title represented blood and death… as well as hatred and revenge… Even if you people have never heard of the Independent State, you should’ve heard of the Rose of Death, right?

“The reason I was expelled from the Independent State’s Si clan was precisely because I secretly joined the Rose of Death…

“Pitifully, it was soon discovered by the ancient Si clan… After I left the Independent State, I always wanted to return to the Rose of Death… But the Rose of Death regretfully vanished without a trace and couldn’t be found anymore… Hence, I actually used the name ‘Eric’ so that the Rose of Death could discover me and allow me to return to the organization…”

Si Bayi glanced at them and shook his head; he had a lonely expression. “Forget it; you people are merely frogs at the bottom of a well. How could you know what the Independent State is…”

Si Bayi turned to Eleven again and smiled faintly. “Old Seven, do you know… it isn’t just you… I granted the title of Eric to Old Two, Old Three, and Old Eight too, but unfortunately, you people truly disappointed me… You’re an utter humiliation to the title of Eric.”

Qin Ruoxi’s eyes glinted, and she turned to Si Baiyi. “You can consider bestowing the title of Eric onto me… I won’t disappoint you.”

Si Bayi smiled. “Kill them first and show me your improvement.”

“Don’t worry.” Qin Ruoxi surveyed Ye Wanwan expressionlessly.

Then without another word, Qin Ruoxi slowly walked toward Ye Wanwan.

During her time with Eric, she learned too many martial arts techniques, so she thought Ye Wanwan would fall from the first blow.

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